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Trust Thrive for All of Your Veeam Needs

Pain Points

Are you suffering from these issues?

  • Looking for the best Veeam Cloud Connect provider with security and performance?
  • Concerned about increasingly targeted cyberattacks and insider threats?
  • Need Backup and DR services for your Virtual Machines both on-prem and offsite?
  • Need Backup and DR services for your Physical Machines?
  • Want to protect your SaaS applications and your cloud workloads in AWS and Azure along with your existing VMware infrastructure?
  • Working with multiple operating systems with varied Backup and disaster recovery RPO and RTO needs?
  • Looking for cost savings while retaining efficient and reliable Backup and DR capabilities?
    Need to diversify your data storage locations while maintaining security and meeting compliance requirements?


The Thrive Difference

  • Veeam Cloud Connect infrastructure with data security and high performance in just a few clicks
  • Ransomware protection with Insider Protection and immutable storage options
  • Virtual Machine Protection for VMware, Hyper-V and Nutanix combined with Veeam appliance options for local and cloud protection
  • Physical Machine protection for Windows, Linux, Solaris and AIX including full system recovery in the cloud
  • Comprehensive cloud backup and recovery for Microsoft 365, AWS, Azure, as well as on-premise protection for VMware and Hyper-V
  • Hot Site High Availability and Warm Site options for cost effective, flexible and rapid failover and Disaster Recovery
  • Offsite Disaster Recovery with VMware Cloud Director hypervisor access, hosted in secure and SOC2 certified data centers

Trusted Veeam Cloud and Service Provider

Thrive is an expert in providing services supporting Veeam Software®, offering support for Veeam Cloud Connect, Veeam Backup and Recovery, and Veeam Replication for Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

Our team of Backup as a Service and Disaster Recovery as a Service experts include certified Veeam Architects and Engineers that are experienced in supporting small, medium and enterprise businesses of all kinds and with a wide variety of requirements and service needs.

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Veeam Backup and Recovery Services

Thrive offers Veeam Backup and Recovery in an as-a-Service model — including hardware, software and offsite storage — for complete data protection.

Thrive’s Veeam Appliances come pre-configured with best-of-breed technology, and all your backups are automatically performed and monitored.

Once installed, these Veeam appliances are fully-managed and maintenance-free. As your needs change, Thrive will adapt its configuration or even ship you a new appliance, without having to purchase new hardware.

Backups are configured to run locally for fast LAN based recovery and are securely transferred offsite using Thrive’s Veeam Cloud Connect service in case of disaster and for long term retention and archiving.

Veeam Cloud Connect

Thrive’s secure Cloud-enabled Veeam Backup with Veeam Cloud Connect provides convenient, secure, and economical cloud-based remote backup protection for your local virtual machines, physical servers and data. Store an up-to-date secondary copy of virtual or physical machines, and restore files, virtual disks or full systems back to your local environment as needed.

The Cloud Connect capability also makes it even easier for Veeam users to take advantage of Thrive’s cloud and specialized Disaster Recovery Services (DRaaS).

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Cloud-enabled Veeam Replication and DRaaS

Networking has always been the most technically unpleasant part of any DR implementation. In order enable failover capability, you would need to set up VPNs and deal with significant network complexity to preserve communications across hosts in different physical locations before, during and after failover.

Veeam Cloud Connect simplifies this process for Veeam Replication and Disaster Recovery.

Transparent networking offers a complete networking overlay that enables seamless integration of the local and off-site components of your DR plan. This all happens without having to change any of your TCP/IP settings, and while also offering full control over both default gateways and public IP address settings.