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Central Government

The central government spends an estimated $6.9 billion on ICT every year, with nine of the biggest Whitehall departments spending an estimated $4.3 billion

Managed IT Solutions for Central Government

Thrive has been working with UK Central Government to deliver “digital by default” as a part of the ongoing reforms of government ICT. Going forward, they are committed to reforming their IT to make it smaller, flatter, more agile and more efficient. Plans are well advanced to transition away from legacy solutions to common, shared platforms and infrastructure; featuring greater use of Cloud Computing; improvements in connectivity, consolidation of back-office functions and a commitment to greener IT.

Central Government Industry Challenges

  • A fundamental drive to deliver process efficiencies and cost savings across all sectors of central government
  • Increasing pressure to leverage smaller, leaner and greener IT solutions with greater transparency and accountability to the public
  • Civil Service Reform Agenda (efficiency, entrepreneurialism, innovative design and technology)
  • Adoption of security-first policies and procedures for the protection of sensitive or secure data while at rest or in motion
  • Smarter procurement to ensure the best possible value for money from both capital and operational expenditure

Thrive Solutions for Central Government

  • Secure file sharing and collaboration solutions to improve process efficiency and protect sensitive data across private and public networks
  • Self-service contact center solutions to improve the customer experience and deliver multi-channel engagement
  • Migration to shared Cloud resources, delivering improvements in availability, security, resilience and cost-efficiency
  • Custom managed-service contracts to complement SIAM and existing service delivery models
  • Creation of agile and flexible IT estates through deployment of on-premise, cloud and hybrid solutions
  • High-capacity electronic storage, archiving and retrieval of documents to assist Big Data analytics

Choose Thrive for Your NextGen IT Needs

The Thrive team is experienced in meeting the demands of central government departments and is ready to help lead the way to more efficient and effective IT operations.