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Our Team

Our leadership team is with you every step of the way to protect, empower, and enable your business to achieve better business outcomes.
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Executive Team

rob stephenson

Rob Stephenson

CEO & Board Member

Bill McLaughlin


Jay Adams

Chief Financial Officer
john holland

John Holland

Chief Revenue Officer
michael gray

Michael Gray

Chief Technology Officer
joe waleck

Joe Waleck

Chief Customer Officer
scott steele thrive

Scott Steele

Chief Operating Officer
david minkoff

David Minkoff

EVP, Operations
john dilthey

John Dilthey

Chief of Staff
marc capobianco

Marc Capobianco

EVP, Operations & Finance
chip gibbons

Chip Gibbons


Leadership Team

kenny ash

Kenny Ash

EVP, Channel & Alliances
brian bean

Brian Bean

EVP, Product & Technical Services
jim blenderman

Jim Blenderman

AVP, South
Andrew Cantrell edit crop 240417

Andrew Cantrell

RVP, Verticalized Sales
matt chabot thrive

Matt Chabot

EVP, Technology
nicholas chan

Nicholas Chan

tom corra

Tom Corra

AVP, New York and New England
Phil Cotteril Thrive

Phil Cotterill

VP, EIS Sales – Europe
stevens demorcy

Stevens Demorcy

EVP, Infrastructure
marc desroches

Marc DesRoches

VP, Employee Experience
scot guido

Scot Guido

Managing Partner, Financial Services
foster hardie

Foster Hardie

EVP, Digital Platform Architecture
dan harrington

Dan Harrington

VP, Finance
anata hegeebu

Ananta Hejeebu

Managing Partner, Corp Dev and Integration
carey jung

Carey Jung

Managing Partner, Thrive Southern Region
kevin landt

Kevin Landt

VP of Product, Cybersecurity
robbie leuthold

Robbie Luethold

EVP, Verticalized Sales
bob levesque

Bob Levesque

EVP, Account Management-Private Equity
gregory madden

Gregory Madden

john manley

John Manley

EVP, Global Sales Enablement for Account Management
kevin may

Kevin May

AVP, Canada
ivan mladenovic

Ivan Mladenovic

Managing Partner
ray mobayedd

Raymond Mobayed

Managing Partner, South Florida
jim nekos

Jim Nekos

Managing Partner, Financial Services
kristina oconnell

Kristina O’Connell

EVP, Marketing
jonathan philipsen

Jonathan Philipsen

VP, Mid-Markets
david robinson

David Robinson

Managing Partner, SLED
steven rodin

Steven Rodin

EVP & GM, Canada

David Sampson

VP, Cyber Risk and Strategy
steward sharples

Stewart Sharples

VP, Account Management, Europe
lee slap

Lee Slap

EVP and General Counsel
amy szymarek

Amy Szymarek

EVP, Client Success
Steve Tilley Thrive

Steve Tilley

VP, Sales-Europe
justin tourelotte

Justin Tourtelotte

EVP, Project Delivery & Business Operations
brenan white

Brendan White

EVP, Service Operations
tom woollard

Tom Woollard

Managing Partner, Europe