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Enterprise Technical Account Management (ETAM)

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Grow with Optimized Strategy and Alignment

At Thrive, we understand that seamless technical operations are paramount to your business’s success. That’s why we offer specialized expertise in managing your enterprise-level technical accounts, ensuring a harmonious integration of technology, IT strategy, and security to support your business goals.

Our team of seasoned professionals are committed to understanding the unique needs of your organization. From system architecture and software integration to troubleshooting and ongoing support and training, we provide a holistic, customer-first approach to managing your IT infrastructure. With a proactive mindset, we identify potential challenges before they impact your operations, allowing your team to stay focused on core business activities.

Thrive’s ETAM Provides Expert Program Management

Enterprise Technical Account Management is a concierge service provided to high velocity clients focused on improving operational efficiency and program efficacy. Enterprise TAMs consolidate administrative overhead, streamline communication and provide enterprise program management allowing teams to perform to their core strengths with added focus.

Thrive’s ETAM program management covers:

  • Enterprise Technical Program Management; improving alignment, communication, and collaboration
  • Address the tactical without losing sight of the strategy
  • Unified approach and effective execution of IT and Cybersecurity roadmaps
  • Establish program milestones, drive alignment towards a common vision, and execute on business and strategic goals
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Thrive's Proven ETAM Methodology



Ongoing discovery, customer immersion, and team integration; This includes having a deep functional knowledge of client’s business operations, goals, challenges, infrastructure, and most importantly, people.



Assess business risks and potential opportunities for growth that align with technology scope. This includes regular business communications, prioritizing business objectives, and providing the best technology recommendations and solutions.



Strategic guidance on aligning Thrive products and services with best practices and client needs.


Technical Program Management

Technical Program Management is provided to establish milestones, maintain alignment, and execute your business needs efficiently. Thrive is here to create and modify business and technical documentation for planning and reporting purposes, along with helping your business build a program charter, roles, tasks, and establish success metrics.

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