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Thrive offers decades of experience in the financial services industry

A Trusted Partner of Top Financial Organizations

At Thrive, our team is comprised of technology experts with decades of experience in providing NextGen technology services to a variety of organizations in the financial services industry.

We service some of the largest hedge fund and financial services companies, as well as many of the top regional banks in the Northeast.

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Hybrid Cloud for Financial Services

In financial services, performance, cost, security and regulatory demands drive decisions for where FinTech applications and data should reside. This often leads to some confusion around how financial regulatory frameworks apply to Cloud services and whose responsibility it is to meet those requirements.

To solve the Cloud needs of financial services organizations, Thrive offers best-in-class, secure Hybrid Cloud solutions. Our Cloud engineering team has the ability to design, build, and support the Cloud solution that best meets the needs and regulatory requirements of your specific business.



Managed SIEMaaS for Financial Services

Critical security issues pose a 24×7 risk to the infrastructure of financial services organizations. At the same time, system and regulatory requirements demand that organizations log, monitor, analyze and report on their data as it passes through a complex network of IT infrastructure and applications.

To ensure security and mitigate risk as well as meet regulatory requirements, financial services organizations need a comprehensive Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) solution. That’s why Thrive has developed SIEM-as-a-Service (SIEMaaS) that scales with budgets, can flexibly meet changing demands, and provides clear, actionable information.

Vulnerability Management for Financial Services

FinTech business systems continue to grow in complexity, and with that comes increased risk of vulnerabilities, exploits, and security breaches for financial services organizations.

Thrive is here to assist your organization with comprehensive Vulnerability Management offerings. Our team can help you protect your business by uncovering IT vulnerabilities and deliver unmatched insight into the potential risks present in your mission-critical business infrastructure.



Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service for Financial Services

Thrive understands that regardless of the reason, downtime for financial services firms is never an option. Whether it’s an infrastructure failure, security breach, human error, or a natural disaster, your investors and clients demand your services continue to operate without interruption.

To protect your critical FinTech infrastructure, Thrive offers disaster recovery-as-a-service. Our portfolio of services range from disaster recovery consulting and planning, to full restoration of mission-critical applications and services.


Thrive Can Help Your Financial Services Organization

Learn how Thrive can help with your organization with its NextGen technology services.