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What is Global Network Management?

Global Network Management is the processes, tools, hardware, software, and applications used to operate and maintain a network infrastructure at optimal performance.

The end goal is to make sure the network resources are made available to users and consumed as efficiently as possible.

It’s important to become familiar with the 5 different types of global network management. The International Organization for Standardization developed a framework standard for the management of networks. The ISO framework divides network management processes into 5 main functional areas below. Commonly referred to by the acronym FCAPS, each area relates to a high-level IT management process.

Fault management
Configuration management
Accounting management
Performance management
Security management

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Modernizing the Network

From troubleshooting network issues, to identifying and managing security threats, to performance monitoring of network traffic and infrastructure, global network management is essential in today’s business climate and network downtime is something you can’t afford.

However, network system administrators may be following an outdated playbook. Most of today’s networks were designed and built long before today’s bring your own device (BYOD) trend of employees using personal devices to connect to an organization’s network and access work-related applications.

Also, hybrid Cloud computing wasn’t part of the picture a few years ago. Antiquated infrastructure that doesn’t support BYOD or hybrid Clouds creates new challenges regarding security, control, performance, monitoring, and configuration management.

It’s important for network administrators to rewrite the rules of a company’s network management systems to be relevant for today’s business demands. Management and monitoring have to become your top lines of defense against issues with performance or configuration and the information you get from network management solutions is the only thing you can truly count on.

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Adopting a Global Network Management System

Adopting a Global Network Management System

Building networks with cost-efficient infrastructure and network management tools, optimizing bandwidth, balancing network loads, securing traffic isn’t easy and takes expert planning and execution to enable networks to run smoothly and securely all the time.
Not to mention, navigating small to large networks with Cloud, distributed computing and BYOD with networks reaching across hundreds of sites and impacting thousands of people and network devices, effective network management is tougher than ever.
You don’t have to go it alone with Thrive. Partnering with a technology provider like Thrive, gives you peace of mind that your network systems will be available and performing at their best 24/7 without interruptions and downtime.
From small businesses wanting to know if network management is a good fit, to medium businesses looking to understand the benefits for your budget to large enterprises considering another tool – global network management can be customized for your specific business needs and objectives.

Maximizing Your Organization’s Network

Networking speed and reliability form the essential backbone of IT infrastructure for every business. However, maintaining and optimizing corporate networks efficiently can put significant restraints on budgets and network resources.

Thrive provides NextGen networking solutions that enable your business to run at maximum efficiency with the room to scale simply and affordably. Unlock valuable, industry-leading, and comprehensive insight into the performance of your network while delivering the speed and security your business and end users demand.

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why let thrive

Why Let Thrive Help with Your Networking?

Thrive helps you take advantage of efficient and available networks to drive greater performance and value for your business.

Control Costs & Gain Value

  • Costly hardware refresh cycles are eliminated with Thrive’s equipment-based managed network services.
  • NextGen technologies produce bandwidth cost savings.
  • Experience power savings and a lowered carbon footprint.

Achieve More Flexibility

  • Take advantage of NextGen technologies that deliver application aware network performance while producing bandwidth cost savings.

Stay Competitive with Top Technologies

  • Thrive ensures that your business is using the latest technologies and equipment, and keeps you informed with strategic advice to keep your business moving forward.

Centralized Services = Efficient Operations

  • Your staff can perform at an optimum wherever they are located.
  • Upgrades, including antivirus and firewall upgrades are quick and easy to implement across the board.
  • Real-time monitoring tools detect potential problems early
  • 24-hour security

Expertise and Experience Always Available

  • Thrive’s Global Managed Network services are backed by an expert team that is diverse and qualified and available 24/7.

Continuous and Effective Service Levels

  • Improve employee productivity with time-saving updates.
  • Eliminate the required training when new systems are put in place.
  • Save time and money on researching and implementing your own network and IT improvements.

Business Continuity Maintained Despite Disaster

  • Your data and IT resources are safely centralized in an off-site location with Cloud backup.
  • All your service reports, performance information, job tickets and even call logs, are safe and secure with Thrive.
  • Even during a natural or man-made disaster, your business can go on with very little interruption.

Managed Risk

  • Thrive manages the risk of staying up-to-date on new government regulations, changing industry policies, security and environmental compliance issues, altered economic conditions, changing technology and fluctuating markets.
  • Technology changes rapidly – leave it to Thrive to stay on top of it for you.
  • Thrive identifies and troubleshoots network risk immediately with swift and corrective action.

Compliance and Security

A security breach can cripple your business. Maintaining compliance and security measures are also critical for protecting your clients’ confidential information. Thrive will save you the devastation of cyber attacks with a secure firewall, audits, and rigorous security standards.

Thrive’s Networking Solutions Include:

Architecture & Design

  • Our team of experienced and knowledgeable network engineers work closely with you to evaluate and enhance your network infrastructure, and implement a customized solution that meets the specific needs of your business and applications.
  • From core to edge, ISCSI to fiber channel, Layer-2 switching or Layer-3 routing, we have the expertise to architect and deploy network solutions utilizing best-of-breed technologies to fit your budget.

Monitoring and Management

  • 24x7x365 network monitoring and management of leading technology platforms, including Fortinet, Cisco, Meraki, and more
  • End-to-end management of:
    • Local Area Networking
    • Wide Area Networking
    • Wireless Networking
    • Internet and WAN Connections
    • Load Balancing

Managed Secure SD-WAN

  • Thrive’s Secure Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) service delivers both networking and security capabilities in a unified solution providing application performance, consolidated management with advanced protection against threats
  • Application aware routing to ensure critical application performance metrics are met
  • Multi-path intelligence providing automated failover and load balancing
  • Integrated NextGen security threat protection eliminating the need for multiple point solutions

Benefits include:

  • Improve Cloud and SaaS performance
  • Enhance network resiliency
  • Reduce network management and total cost of ownership
  • Reduce operating expenses

Visibility into network and application performance

Maximizing Your Organizations Network

Streamline Your Global Network with Our Comprehensive Management Service

Improve your global network with our comprehensive management service that ensures seamless performance and proven reliability