IT Service Management By Industry

Thrive helps organizations across a variety of industries to optimize their business performance through strategic implementation of their IT infrastructure

Industries We Serve

Thrive customers represent industry leaders in financial services, life sciences, healthcare, education, and more. We service some of the largest hedgefund and financial services companies, as well as many of the top regional banks in the Northeast.

Our approach to strategy, implementation and customer service, as well as our Application Performance Platform, set us apart as the choice for businesses of all sizes.


Financial Services

Backed by a team of professionals with decades of experience in the financial services industry, Thrive understands the unique complexities that organizations face each day from investors, regulators, and customers. From industry-tailored Cloud and cybersecurity services, to a world-class FinTech-specific IT platform, Thrive is uniquely positioned to meet the demands of the financial industry.

Life Sciences

As with financial services and healthcare, the life science industry maintains strict privacy and security regulations related to end-user data along with intellectual property. To ensure organizations meet industry requirements, Thrive offers access to a group of experts from the field.



The education industry continues to evolve and experience a digital transformation due to the changing needs of students today and tomorrow. As such, many education organizations and institutions are implementing hybrid or fully-online learning experiences, while also juggling the need to meet stringent security and privacy regulations and requirements. The Thrive team, comprised of education industry experts, is available to help organizations maintain successful learning environments of all types and securely manage student information and data.


As the business of healthcare continues to evolve, organizations within the industry must transform as well to meet the growing demand for data privacy, security, and more. Thrive’s team of experts in healthcare can provide customized solutions based on the specific needs of each healthcare organization, whether it is a secure Cloud that meets the privacy needs of HIPAA and other regulations, or cyber security solution that provides comprehensive protection around patient data.

Industries Legal

Legal and Professional Services

Thrive helps law firms do the best work for their clients. Through modernization of architecture, Cloud solutions, and a forward-thinking cyber security plan, law firms can plan for the present and future. We seek to be a partner in technology, allowing you to focus on cases and clients.


Companies within the retail industry are continuously competing with one another to bring the most innovative and simple shopping experiences to their customers, while maintaining strict privacy and security practices that comply with regulations such as PCI DSS. Thrive’s managed IT, technology, and regulatory experts and services enable retailers to deliver the best and most secure shopping experiences.

Retail Image


From the food to utilities industries, Thrive offers a wide-range of managed services for a variety of industries based on each organization’s particular areas of need. Thrive’s team of technology, business, and compliance professionals are able to quickly immerse themselves with any organization to deliver the best IT services and solutions.