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Aerospace and Defense

Providing government and industry organizations with the latest IT and communications technology is an essential component of both fixed and field operations around the world.

Managed IT Solutions for Aerospace and Defense

Like most industries, aerospace and defense agencies are keen to attract and retain the best quality personnel. Providing users with state-of-the-art solutions, both for day-to-day tasks and the business of protecting citizens from global threats, is key to securing the best talent. Thrive works in partnership with leading defense contractors to help them design and develop solutions that meet the exacting needs of the modern user. We have also invested heavily in ensuring we maintain security-cleared personnel to deliver remote and on-site support when necessary.

Aerospace and Defense Industry Challenges

  • An ongoing focus on infrastructure consolidation, with the aim of reducing capital expenditure and minimizing the impact of budget cuts
  • Security clearance and vetting of qualified technical staff to enable access to sensitive or secret locations/information
  • Increased demand for public accountability and transparency of expenditure
  • Shared infrastructure programs designed to deliver cost savings and greater efficiency within a reformed defense IT and communications strategy
  • Management and monitoring of Big Data applications with an emphasis on user authentication and systems security

Thrive Solutions for Aerospace and Defense

  • Delivery of advanced mobile and collaboration technologies, helping to improve communication and process efficiencies
  • Secure, agile and flexible Cloud-based infrastructure, delivering IT-on-demand at a predictable, utility-based cost
  • Maintaining a roster of cleared CCIE engineers to expedite the design and deployment of complex network solutions in secure environments
  • Self-service solutions to offer enhanced, multi-channel engagement
  • High-capacity electronic storage, archiving and retrieval of documents to assist Big Data analytics

Choose Thrive for Your NextGen IT Needs

Thrive understands the unique challenges faced by aerospace and defense organizations and delivers cloud, collaboration, communication, and cybersecurity solutions they need for operational excellence.