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Autonomous Penetration Testing

Continuously Verify Your Security Posture
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Autonomous Penetration Testing

Thrive provides both one-time and recurring quarterly Autonomous Penetration Tests to identify areas of risk and provides both a Penetration Test Results report and Fix Actions report that outlines the steps required to eliminate the risk. A Thrive Consultant will review the test outputs with you to provide feedback and strategic recommendations

Continuously Verify Your Security Posture

Autonomous penetration testing tools work by scanning the target system for weaknesses, analyzing the results of the scan, and then attempting to exploit any vulnerabilities found.


  • Find weaknesses in systems before attackers do
  • Determine the robustness of controls
  • Support compliance with data privacy and security regulations (e.g., PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR)
  • Provide qualitative and quantitative examples of current security posture and budget priorities for management
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Prevent Breaches Before They Happen

The data that powers your company passes through a complex network of IT infrastructure, internal resources, and end-user applications. Stay ahead of the most sophisticated hackers with Thrive’s Autonomous Penetration Testing. 


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