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NextGen IT for Family Offices

Thrive can help navigate through the unique IT requirements of your family office, addressing budget concerns and commercial challenges

Thrive Caters to the Specific Needs and Demands of Family Offices

Thrive understands family offices’ need for timely, accurate, and complete transparency, as well as the sound decision-making required to perform well in the market. While you focus on protecting your clients’ assets and investment portfolios, Thrive can handle the rest. With decades of financial experience, Thrive combines NextGen cloud, cybersecurity and digital transformation capabilities to provide the best result possible for your clients.

NextGen IT Services to Enhance your Platform

Family offices require a robust IT infrastructure to effectively grow assets and portfolios in a safe and efficient environment. Thrive meets these needs and more by implementing time-saving, money-saving services into IT operations 24x7x365. 

Take advantage of Thrive’s consistent operating costs, which allow you to focus on growing your and your clients business in a cost-effective manner. With a lower total cost of ownership, you now have the ability to make technology an operational and financial advantage over other firms

Through a thorough assessment, our team of highly experienced IT experts evaluate the state of your IT and how it aligns with your needs for accessibility, scalability and reliability. Thrive’s assessment provides your family office with the specialized IT support and service it needs


Hybrid Cloud for Family Offices

It’s imperative for your family office to have one place where all vital information stays. Whether in the office or not, your client’s information is there, secure, and ready to be leveraged at a moments notice.

Thrive is sure to provide best-in-class, secure Hybrid Cloud solutions to ensure ongoing safety and maintain client trust. Our Cloud solution has the ability to best meet the needs and regulatory requirements of your firm while streamlining operation.


Managed Detection and Response Service for Family Offices

Create a secure investing environment that is protected from the latest cybercrime threats with Thrive’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Service. We deliver advanced threat protection around the clock to ensure the security of your clients assets and portfolios while meeting the operational and third-party due diligence requirements.

Thrive’s Managed Detection and Response Services (MDR) platform allows for the non-stop monitoring of family office services, threat detection and mitigation with customizable reporting, lending your clients peace of mind when investing with you.


Vulnerability Scanning and Management for Family Offices

Disruption means the loss of valuable time in the market. Get ahead of lost time by proactively addressing potential vulnerabilities and gaps from incoming attacks and breaches. Thrive’s managed Vulnerability Scanning and Management services keep your clients happy and operations running smoothly.

Thrive’s Security Operations Center is online 24x7x365 to help identify gaps, mitigate threats and keep internal teams informed and empowered.


Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service for Family Offices

Things happen. Systems break. Operations are breached. While these things may be inevitable, your business does not have to suffer under their circumstances. Preparing for the inevitable is vital when it comes to disaster recovery and business continuity solutions.

Thrive’s Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) delivers real-time replication of data, rapid recovery of servers and systems, and post-event testing to ensure everything is back online with minimal disruption.


Microsoft 365 for Family Offices

Communication in house and to clients has never been as critical as in today’s world. The secure reporting of assets and portfolios are apart of vital day-to-day operations, leaving no room for error.

Keep important documents organized and secure with Thrive’s collaboration solutions including Office 365, Sharepoint, and Teams capabilities. These solutions aim to eliminate platform security failures and streamline efficiency and productivity within client communication.



Support your firm’s need for long-term flexibility and reliability with managed NextGen IT solutions from Thrive.

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