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NextGen IT for Investment Banks

Keep investment bankers and their institutional customers satisfied with a managed IT solution that keeps assets secure with streamlined execution

Managed IT for Investment Firms

The trust between an investment bank and its customers is critical. Thrive’s goal is to foster that relationship through Cloud support, collaboration tactics, and leading-edge cybersecurity, all as a part of a managed IT solution to take your business to the next level. With mergers, acquisitions, investments, and the raising of capital, there is critical infrastructure needed and Thrive is here to assist with the needs of your investment institution.

Hybrid Cloud for Investment Banks

As business exchanges move increasingly offline, it’s imperative for your investment bank to have one place where all vital information stays. Whether in the office or in the field, your client’s information is there, secure, and ready to be leveraged at a moments notice.

Sensitive financial data should reside in a place tht you and your client can trust. Thrive offers best-in-class, secure Hybrid Cloud solutions for that reason. Our Cloud engineering team has the ability to design, build, and support the Cloud solution that best meets the needs and regulatory requirements of your institution.


Cybersecurity for Investment Banks

Investment banks must adhere to strict regulatory requirements while communicating highly sensitive data that puts not only your institution on the line but your clients as well. The use of inadequate security measures puts all parties at risk for cyber attacks, affecting the enormous assets at stake along with client trust and loyalty.

Thrive’s Managed Detection and Response Service (MDR) combines powerful Extended Detection and Response Services (XDR) with Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) to provide the most advanced protection against cyber threats targeted at core infrastructure and all endpoints. Leave it to us to keep both the monetary and brand value your bank holds safe and out of reach.


Backup and Recovery for Investment Banks

Thrive Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) protects you when systems are unavailable due to infrastructure failure, human error, or a security breach. Our DRaaS offerings are an important insurance policy to have, safeguarding applications and data so investment banks can continue to operate and minimize downtime.

As this is a Cloud-based solution, it can be scaled for an institution of any size. Thrive offers 24x7x365 monitoring and will provide alerts if critical systems and data are at risk.


Microsoft 365 for Investment Banks

As investment banks handle business-to-business relationships where the speed and security of communications are critical, the right internal and external collaboration tools are essential for success. Investment banks need a secure, reliable collaboration solution to engage with clients whenever, wherever, and under any circumstances.

Thrive’s managed Microsoft 365 services are designed around business-to-business communication, satisfying your institution’s specific needs in order to secure and grow not only your business but your clients’ business too. Our team has end-to-end expertise in Office 365, SharePoint, and Teams so your bank is supported from implementation to governance to management and support.


Meet Industry Compliance Requirements

Adhering to federal and state regulations is crucial in the banking industry to ensure the safety of clients. Investment banks, with their massive operations, face greater risks and the consequences of non-compliance can be severe.

At Thrive, we aim to provide your investment institution with the necessary tools to meet regulatory obligations. Our services include developing and maintaining network systems, safeguarding investments, and implementing information security policies. We are dedicated to assisting you in managing an IT infrastructure that keeps your investors confident while remaining compliant.

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Meet your organization’s need for secure, efficient operations with managed NextGen IT solutions from Thrive.

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Case Study
An investment management services company turned to Thrive for a full suite of NextGen security, IT infrastructure, and cybersecurity solutions to support a new company acquisition.

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