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Our Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) specialist team brings over 30 years of experience to your company, providing a comprehensive range of IT products, services, and management solutions built to fit your unique requirements and business objectives.

We service companies across the Financial Services, Legal Services, Social Housing, Local & Central Government, and Defense & Aerospace industries.

Helping to Secure, Scale & Succeed

Thrive EIS provides a comprehensive suite of IT services, built on industry-leading technology that can be managed by our team, your team, or in partnership.

We work closely with the following manufacturers – Cisco, Fortinet & Microsoft to design, implement, and support solutions unique to your requirements.

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Cloud and Data Center

While the Cloud is meant to simplify, sometimes it complicates. At Thrive EIS, our experts work to streamline your private on-premise infrastructure with public Cloud resources, seamlessly integrating to meet your company’s specific needs.

Through our Tier 3 data center located about 25 miles north of London in Luton and two additional locations in the UK, Thrive EIS also offers colocation services backed by an on-site team. Our 100% uptime guarantee gives you peace of mind when transitioning to collocation and Thrive Cloud options.

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In any large company, it’s important to protect every square inch of data. Our experts offer round-the-clock guidance, governance, and reporting, ensuring that your enterprise remains protected 24x7x365.

Our proactive approach means we preemptively identify and mitigate potential risks, seamlessly integrating with your existing systems while maintaining business continuity.


Seamless communication is vital within any company. At Thrive EIS, our seasoned experts bring over two decades of unrivaled experience in Cisco collaboration. With a strong background in Unified Communications and Contact Centers, our team holds Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialisations.

We facilitate and improve collaboration through various software and systems to enhance teamwork, communication, and productivity among employees, departments, and external partners, all while offering a comprehensive UCaaS through both on-premise and cloud-based solutions.

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At Thrive EIS, our experts can aid in the design, implementation, and management of your company’s LAN/WAN and Wi-fi networks and communication infrastructure.

Our networking solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of your company and are critical for ensuring seamless data transfer, collaboration, and the efficient functioning of various IT systems. With Thrive EIS as your partner, you can count on a responsive and experienced team dedicated to enhancing your company’s performance and reliability.

Business Continuity

Thrive EIS proactively implements comprehensive strategies, plans, and technologies within your company to ensure seamless operation, even in the face of unexpected disruptions or disasters, by safeguarding data, applications, and IT infrastructure.

Our team of experts ensure your mission-critical functions stay intact, your reputation is protected, and financial losses are reduced so there is minimal impact on operations and stakeholders.

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Professional Services

When companies have complex IT challenges to address, Thrive EIS professional services delivers tailored strategies to address the unique needs of each business.

The Thrive EIS team is also here to fix any issues with your existing systems, guaranteeing uninterrupted network operation and peak technology performance 24x7x365.

Case Studies

See what Thrive EIS has to offer through our comprehensive bank of Case Studies with additional information on our capabilities via previous clients.

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