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Prepared for Your Mission Critical Data and Essential Applications

Thrive’s three UK data centre locations – including our flagship Tier 3 data centre in Luton – place a strong emphasis on ensuring the seamless continuity and optimisation of your business operations through security & fire detection, power & cooling, connectivity, and 24x7x365 support; all while controlling energy costs.  

New to Colocation?

Thrive will provide up to 12 months free rack rental.

Already Colocated?

Thrive will beat your existing rack price by 50% to help offset the rising cost of electricity.

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Data Centre Locations

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Thrive offers 3 UK locations in Luton, Nottingham and Hoddesdon.

Our Tier 3 data centre in Luton is a state-of-the-art, highly secure and sustainable facility fully owned and operated by Thrive, enabling us to deliver our market leading 100% uptime guarantee.

Business Assurance

Worried about shifting your IT infrastructure strategy? With Thrive, you can be assured that your business-critical applications and data will be online, secure, and available 24x7x365.

Thrive’s 100% uptime guarantee for our colocation and private cloud services ensure reliability and availability with absolutely zero downtime since 2011. It’s the best offer in the industry.

No matter the temperature, the cost of energy, or the sophistication of the cyber threats, the Thrive data center is resilient and ready for you, thanks to our premier facilities and around-the-clock support from our Technical Assistance Centre. 


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Mitigation of Rising Costs

The uncertainty around short- and long-term energy costs demands businesses of all sizes look for ways to increase efficiency and leverage economies of scale. 

By colocating their servers at Thrive’s data centre, customers take advantage of our greater buying power with energy providers as well as our investments in greener cooling and advanced backup technology.

Businesses also unburden themselves from the challenges of maintaining onsite data centre infrastructure, especially as work-from-home policies continue.

Your Journey to the Cloud Begins Here

Thrive is much more than its data centres. We have decades of experience providing outsourced IT solutions that drive successful business outcomes. 

Thrive can create a flexible Cloud migration strategy that builds from colocation to the right mix of public and private Cloud while preserving the applications and data that needs to remain on traditional infrastructure.

Let’s start the conversation today about how Thrive can help your business with robust, cost-effective technology services backed by our local team. Your path to technological excellence starts here.

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Tier 3 Data Centre Specifications


  • 1MvA 11kv on-site supply
  • Dual plant rooms with separate power distribution boards
  • N+1 configuration, chloride UPS
  • Diesel backup with 8 hour on-site fuel supply
  • N+1 16/32amp rack power, A+B configuration
  • Up to 20kw per rack
  • 100% power-on SLA



  • N+1 high capacity HVAC
  • 4 x 100KvA free-air CRAC per room
  • Cold aisle containment
  • 21° (+/- 5) Operating Temperature
  • 50% (+/- 10%) humidity



  • Carrier neutral – connected to 13 Tier 1 providers, enabling customers to connect to their carrier of choice
  • Connected to a diverse fibre network with 67,000 km of lit fibre between over 200 data centres across Europe
  • Direct connectivity to – highly resilient SIP services and IP Transit
  • Deliver flexible, carrier independent, hybrid network solutions
  • Multiple outbound routes



  • VESDA fire detection
  • Three-stage fire detection in all plant areas
  • IG55 inert gas suppression systems
  • 24/7 network monitoring


  • Steel palisade perimeter fence
  • Electronic security gates
  • 24/7 HD CCTV monitoring
  • Motion detection
  • Intruder & proximity alarms
  • Audited swipe card entry
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • ISO 27001 accredited



  • Secure, on-site parking
  • Close to major transport links
  • Kitchen and meeting rooms access
  • Bathroom & shower facilities
  • Pre-stage labs for equipment build
  • Secondary Tier 3 data centre located 25 miles outside of London



  • 24 x 7 remote, intelligent hands
  • Support for third party engineers
  • Managed firewall
  • Cable & rack migration



  • PUE 1.4
  • Policy of continual energy efficiency
  • Energy efficient UPS
  • Heat reclamation
  • Hot and cold air segregation

Ready to Learn More?

Backed by extensive certifications like ISO27001, ISO9001, BS10012:2017 & Cyber Essentials Plus, our Tier 3 data centre in Luton and our locations in Nottingham and Hoddesdon have provided our clients with no downtime since 2011. Contact the Thrive team to learn how we make colocation simple for companies just like yours.

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