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Diversify Your IT Security

Thrive’s private equity portfolio advisory services offer specialized guidance and support to private equity firms managing their investment portfolios. Our expert services encompass a range of strategic initiatives, including operational improvement, risk management, and securing sensitive data. Thrive’s team leverages its deep industry expertise and analytical insights, while working closely with your firm to identify opportunities to enhance performance, increase security, and mitigate risk.

Private Equity Portfolio Engagement

Thrive’s partnership with your firm allows you access to an expert team that can help keep your portfolio secure. By ensuring clear communication and seamless information sharing, Thrive streamlines daily operations to boost engagement. Our engagement services include:

  • Risk Management – Closing Security Gaps, building Disaster Recovery Plans and adding 24×7 global coverage
  • Digital Transformation – Modernizing the IT Infrastructure & improving business processes
  • Sale Transition – Assisting with transition plans and helping achieve maximum ROIs
  • EBITDA Optimization – Providing cost efficient managed services
  • Portfolio Investment Assessments – Due Diligence reports, pre & post deal
  • Integration – Helping to strategically combine acquisition assets and realize synergies
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A Comprehensive Approach to Your Future

Our expert team will can guide your firm to make the best security decisions for your business, allowing for flexibility and scalability. With 24×7 monitoring, we are prepared to stop threats in their tracks, ensuring your financial goals remain unwavered. Additionally, we help firms maintain a secure IT posture while remaining in compliance with regulatory bodies so they can focus on future business plans.

“Private equity firms value portfolio companies that have a strong, secure Cloud infrastructure because it builds trust. Trust in how they have built and run their business, but also trust that they won’t expose the PE partners to unnecessary cybersecurity risk.”

-Jonathan Philipsen, EVP, Cloud Strategy

Finding the Right Cloud Provider for You

When selecting cloud service providers, portfolio companies should conduct thorough due diligence to assess the security posture and reliability of potential vendors.This includes evaluating factors such as:

  • Vendor Assessment: Evaluate the security practices and certifications of CSPs, including their adherence to industry standards such as ISO 27001 and SOC 2. Assess the CSP’s track record in handling security incidents, their incident response capabilities, and the availability of security features and controls in their cloud services.
  • Compliance Assurance: Ensure that CSPs comply with
    relevant data protection and privacy regulations, such
    as GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS, based on the geographic
    location and industry requirements of the portfolio company. Obtain assurances from CSPs regarding their data handling practices, data residency policies, and compliance with regulatory requirements.
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Maximize Your IT Stack with Thrive's Expert Private Equity Portfolio Advisory Services

Our expert team helps financial firms make informed decisions about their technology stack, ensuring full alignment with strategic business goals. Stay agile with Thrive – talk to an expert today.