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Can I Use a Mac Computer at Work?

Tech Blog - Mac LogoI have a Mac computer at home and love it.

For those of us that have fallen in love with the Apple computers, it seems there has always been a big disconnect between using a Mac computer in the office versus using one at home. (Unless you are graphics designer).

Here is a list of commonly used programs that run just as well on a Mac as they run on a PC in your office:

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 is fully compatible with other versions of Microsoft Office and now even includes Microsoft Outlook.


Microsoft Office includes Outlook, which is one of the best email clients that will interact perfectly with your Exchange 2007 or higher mail server. Older versions of Exchange can use Entourage which is a part of Office for Mac 2008 or lower.

Network Login

A Mac computer can join a Windows domain just like a PC to take advantage of your domain security.


Any printer that can be setup on a PC can be setup on a Mac.

File Sharing

Network shares can be setup easily on a Mac so you will be able to share files on your networks.

What won’t work?

If you are running specialty applications like Electronic Medical Records, QCC, manufacturing software, etc. You will have to contact the software vendor to find out if they offer a Mac client. If they do not then you would have to either go without of find alternative ways to access those programs.