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Have you had issues deploying a VM template with CloudBase-Init? Perhaps it works sometimes when you deploy the template but most of the time it fails with this error during the startup process like the…

Eric Thompson, Director, Cloud Services
March 2, 2022 3 Min Read

In a recent blog, we took a closer look at some of the IT acronyms that we believe are the most important. But, why stop with just seven? In part two, we’re sharing a few…

Chris Moore, VP of Solutions Architecture, and Michael Gray, CTO
July 9, 2021 2 Min Read

Tech acronyms are everywhere these days, but unless you’re an IT expert, you may not have a full understanding of these acronyms and what they’re trying to tell us. Some days, it’s hard not to…

Chris Moore, VP of Solutions Architecture, and Michael Gray, CTO
June 7, 2021 2 Min Read
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The holiday season is quickly approaching bringing us holiday joy and cheer as well as the latest IoT (Internet of Things) smart home gadgets. With this in mind, we take a deeper dive into IoT…

Stevens Demorcy
December 17, 2019 2 Min Read

There is a big misconception that cyber security ends when you leave your place of employment. The fact of the matter is that our new connected, and always on lives are prime targets for cyber…

Stevens Demorcy
December 10, 2019 4 Min Read

Most organizations are either familiar with, or have been victimized by, a Business Email Compromise (BEC).  A BEC is a type of scam targeting organizations with the goal of leveraging a compromised email account to…

Marc Capobianco
October 22, 2019 2 Min Read

If you talk to any security expert about securing online accounts, the first thing they will tell you is “enable 2FA.” However if you start looking at the number of accounts where Two-Factor Authentication is…

Stevens Demorcy
October 15, 2019 2 Min Read

  It was 2:30am one weekday night when my smoke alarms started going off at home. They are all connected together, so the whole house was a nice alarm bell. It was a weird fall…

Chris Moore, VP of Solutions Architecture
November 8, 2018 2 Min Read

Are you aware that October is National Cybersecurity Awareness month?  With the day to day security headlines year-round you may be thinking to yourself “I am sick of hearing about security”.  As we come to…

Michael Gray, CTO
October 25, 2018 2 Min Read

Having a month dedicated to cyber security is a little bit of a misnomer. It indicates that there are some months where you don’t think about cyber security. Granted I think about security daily, as…

Chip Gibbons, CISO
October 4, 2018 2 Min Read

With election campaigns and candidate advertisements running rampant, it makes sense to go into some basic dos and don’ts when surfing the Internet.  Once connected to the Internet, a majority of the sites are primarily…

September 20, 2018 2 Min Read