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Protect Your Home from Cybercrime

Protect Your Home from Cybercrime

There is a big misconception that cyber security ends when you leave your place of employment. The fact of the matter is that our new connected, and always on lives are prime targets for cyber criminals. One often ignored aspect is our home networks. While most people have nothing of value in their home network when compared to the treasure trove of information that can be gathered from a giant corporation; individuals are still a prime target for cybercrime. Why would someone target a home user who has nothing but pictures and documents on their family computer? The answer is very simple, because home users are easy targets, and those pictures are extremely valuable to that family. The same goes for the personal information possibly stored in those documents, everything from social security numbers, to banking information. Second, home users don’t have security teams watching their home networks for malicious activity and blocking or remediating discovered issues. Finally, home users are more likely to pay to get their data back. Let’s discuss some of the common holes in home security and how to plug them.

1. Home Wireless

This is probably the biggest and easily exploitable hole in the home network. While most other systems inside your home require you to gain access to the actual premises, your home WiFi signal is broadcasting outside your own house. This means that a skilled individual can sit outside and brute force your WiFi security. Once he has access to your WiFi, he can the