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Cyber Security in Today’s Business World from BluWave Forum

Cyber Security in Today’s Business World from BluWave Forum

In early March, we were invited to speak at the newly minted BluWave Forum in Washington, D.C.  The meeting was held at the Army/Navy club and it was similar to presenting at a museum.  The topic was cybersecurity and I was just coming back from the RSA conference in San Francisco. I had quite a bit to communicate with those outside of the security bubble.  The meeting which included 10-15 CEOs and leaders from throughout the country covered three recent cybersecurity stories.  The presentation went very well but I may have frightened a few of the folks in the room with the threats that are coming from various bad actors across the globe.

No doubt that cyber security represents serious threats but you can defend yourself and your business.  Everyone in the room was engaged and there was strong realization that if they recognize what threats are out there you can protect your assets.  After EACG case study, I recommend various methods to mitigate the attacks.  Shortly after the event, BluWave contacted me and asked if I could record the presentation via webinar. The presentation has now been posted on BluWave’s content library.  You can listen to the webinar and view the presentation in it’s entirety by clicking here. The password is “bluwave”.

Below is a general overview of the presentation:

How would you characterize your IT security capabilities?

  • Cyber Security Overview
    • Spending gap
    • Phishing Email Attacks Democratic National Committee
    • Solutions
    • An Attack against Thrive

Has your company previously been the victim of an IT security breach?

  • Ransomware
    • LA Hospital Ransomware attack
    • Ransomware Overview
    • Mitigation Steps
    • Sony Pictures Hack

How concerned are you about an IT security breach?

  • Security prevention Checklist

Internet threats and a new virus is a daily threat imposing menace to your business. Don’t get overwhelmed working alone to properly mitigate these risks. Leave it to our dependable engineering team to develop, manage and optimize your internal systems and tools. Let us help please visit our website or contact us today!