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5 Technologies to Be Thankful For      

ThanksgivingThanksgiving is a time to reflect and be grateful for things that are often overlooked in the busy day to day life. I could go on and on about many different things that I am grateful for. I am especially grateful for my friends, family, health, and ability to eat way too much food today. Those things will always be at the top of my list. Also on my list, a few different technologies, specifically these 5:

  1. GPS

Getting directions has changed dramatically over the years. From stopping at the corner store to ask the cashier, to going onto MapQuest and printing out turn by turn directions, to being yelled at by a strange computerized voice to “Turn left now”.  Even though the GPS on my smartphone can be a little demanding sometimes I am thankful for the easiness of having directions anywhere in my pocket. I remember being younger in the car with my mom driving, lost, with printed out directions from MapQuest trying to find the soccer field I was supposed to be at. What a nightmare.

  1. LastPass

This one I have learned to love recently. How many passwords do you have saved on your computer so you are just automatically logged in? if you are like me, out of convenience probably a lot. What happens when your computer decides to stop working? LastPass can solve all of your problems. It saves all your login information so you won’t have to struggle anymore. Many people here at Thrive use this because it also can generate new very secure passwords for you.

  1. Remote Working Capabilities

Having the option to work remotely is a wonderful thing. Many people don’t have this option forcing them to have to call out and missing work if they are stuck at home. I am grateful that if I am feeling a little under the weather I have the option to keep my sickness away from others at the office but still can get some work done. Living and working in New England this one comes up quite a bit, snow storms. You have a big project at work due in a couple days but there is a foot of snow on the ground and no signs of it stopping, that can be stressful. Unless you can stay safe at home and work on that project at the same time. Remote capability is a wonderful thing.

  1. Digital Photography

Do you have giant bins filled with printed photos of the family? My family does, the next technology that I am grateful for, digital photography. I love taking pictures, of my family, pets, nature I can go on and on. If I had to print every picture I took I would have to but another shed to put them in. thankfully I don’t have to because they are all nicely saved on my phone, digital camera, and the cloud. There are a lot of pictures that are very sentimental and I would hate if I only had one copy and something happened to it. Thanks to the digital age this is no longer a problem.

  1. Remote Car Starter

Again, living in New England this one is AMAZING. If you live in the Northeast in the winter you know what I am talking about. When it is 15 degrees and snowing out the last thing I want to do it go outside. Being able to start my car from inside, letting it warm up, letting the ice melt, what a wonderful thing. Bonus technology: heated seats, I will never buy a car without them.

We all have many things to be grateful for. This Thanksgiving take some time and express your gratitude for those you are thankful for, even if it is your cars heated seats.

From all of us at Thrive, we with you, your family, and friends a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving!