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Why Lenovo is an Underrated Laptop

Tech Blog - Business Laptop - Lenovo UnderratedIf you own a business laptop, chances are it is probably an HP or Dell. These two companies have dominated the PC market for quite some time.  Lenovo is another big manufacturer that should be considered with these two.  Lenovo acquired IBM’s Personal Computing Division in 2005 and has been making what I consider the most valued machines since.


One of the great things about Lenovo laptops is their durability.  Lenovo ThinkPads are built with the intention of being dropped.  These machines have a magnesium alloy rollcage to prevent the screen and internals from smashing on impact.  Also Lenovo’s have a special keyboard that diverts any liquid spills out through the bottom of the laptop.  Most people prefer a wet desk to a fried laptop.


Lenovo uses a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip for encryption purposes.  This embedded chip can be enabled to encrypt your hard drive.  Even if your laptop is stolen the data on the drive cannot be accessed without the encryption key password.


Lenovo laptops come with a collection of tools called ThinkVantage Technologies.  These tools do everything from power and wireless management to device imaging and fingerprint authentication.  ThinkVantage Technologies can be a big help if you are configuring a large number of Lenovo laptops and want to setup and deploy a company-wide image.

Lenovo may not sell the greatest volume of laptops but they have a quality product.  If you are considering a new laptop check out all the features Lenovo has to offer.  If you still aren’t convinced, talk to someone who already owns one.