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The Most Common Cloud Computing Myths

The cloud is becoming part of peoples’ everyday lives, and more and more businesses are moving to use it, realizing its importance and recognizing the extent to which it will become an important part of commerce moving forward. But the cloud remains a misunderstood technological innovation, and one which has created numerous myths which are completely misguided. Here are some of the most popular:

The Cloud is Insecure

Perhaps because we have become so accustomed to storing data on physical devices that are within on our homes and businesses, many people seemingly believe that the cloud is somehow a security risk. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is that storing data in the cloud is in fact safer, and often considerably safer, than physical storage. The cloud has already been subject to regulatory standards, and these will certainly tighten as it becomes more prominent and prevalent. With hybrid backup solutions like ThriveSafe, you can have your data stored both on premise and in the cloud.

There is Only One Cloud

Perhaps because we all refer to it in singular form, many people believe that there is only one cloud. In reality, there are of course a theoretically infinite number of clouds, which public, private and hybrid clouds all becoming numerous.

The Cloud is Expensive

Like any form of technology, the price of cloud computing will come down over time. But, first, this process has already begun, and, secondly, cloud computing is extremely flexible and can in many cases in fact offer savings to businesses, due to its scalable nature.

Transferring Applications to the Cloud is Unfeasible

While many businesses prefer to operate with the ‘devil they know’ and balk at the concept of transferring their existing system to the cloud, there is no reason why this process need be unmanageable. Over time, as the cloud becomes the central mode of computing, the idea of physical systems within one’s own place of business will become increasingly obsolete.

Either You Run Applications Via the Cloud or You Don’t

Many individuals and businesses still view the cloud as an in-out proposition. You’re either with it, or against it. In actual fact, hybrid clouds are offering businesses the ability to carry out both public and private applications and manage them in an increasingly sophisticated manner.

The Cloud is Complicated To Use

There is no more IT knowledge required to run cloud-based applications than those of the traditional variety.

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