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The Impact of Mobile Commerce on CRM

According to Forrester Research more than 50 percent of consumers plan to increase mobile spending during this year.  Instead of window shopping and using sales assistants, the mobile consumer will be using their smartphone as their daily retail therapy. So what does this mean for businesses that are faced with a consumer environment that is “always-on?”

With such a significant increase in the use of mobile devices it means that businesses and retailers will be required to change their platforms.  It also means that retailers will need to revise their strategies in order to reach the consumer through mobile customer relationship management.

Understanding mobile commerce is the first step toward transitioning to customer services for the “always on” environment.  If you can successfully weave mobile strategies into your existing commerce methods the two concepts should complement one another and provide better value to the consumer.

When mobile commerce is treated as a separate entity to existing CRM methods it is not as effective if it does not integrate with your other strategies for reaching the consumer.  Here are a few tips on how to deal with the impact that mobile commerce has had on CRM:

Use Retailer Location Apps


Many retailers are catching on to the advantages of location-based apps that help consumers to find your store location.  You can integrate location-based services effectively by adding incentives such as coupons that encourage the customer to visit your retail location.

Provide Access to Price Comparisons and Product Availability

Once you attract the customer to your retail location provide apps that allow the customer to check product availability and product information.  You can also make this app available online to help customers determ