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Optimizing and managing an agile portfolio strategy should be top of mind for hedge fund managers. Ensuring that your company’s IT infrastructure keeps you in compliance with the various regulations that hedge funds face is…

Scot Guido, Managing Partner, Financial Services
September 25, 2023 2 Min Read

Did you know that 81% of healthcare executives say the pace of digital transformation for their organization is accelerating? In addition, 93% report they are innovating with a sense of urgency and call to action.…

June 13, 2023 2 Min Read

When law enforcement and government agencies share data and intelligence, the ability to track criminals, solve crimes, find missing people, and provide a better standard of public service becomes much more effective. This sounds like…

January 12, 2021 3 Min Read
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I have recently jumped head first into a number of compliance initiatives both for our internal needs as well as for our customers.  To say that I have learned a lot in 3 months is…

September 28, 2017 3 Min Read

Regulatory compliance has many different definitions depending on what industry you are applying the policies to. Since compliance means integrating standards that follow specific requirements, regulatory compliance is the regulations a company must follow to meet specific…

July 27, 2017 2 Min Read

Regulatory compliance can take on different definitions according to the industry in which you are applying the policies.  Since compliance means incorporating standards that conform to specific requirements, regulatory compliance is the regulations a company must…

October 27, 2011 3 Min Read