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5 Ways Healthcare Organizations Shine in the Cloud with Thrive

5 Ways Healthcare Organizations Shine in the Cloud with Thrive

Did you know that 81% of healthcare executives say the pace of digital transformation for their organization is accelerating? In addition, 93% report they are innovating with a sense of urgency and call to action.

More Healthcare organizations are using the Cloud to process enormous amounts of healthcare data with real-time access to medical information.

However, despite the growing popularity of Hybrid Cloud deployment, many hospitals still use outdated software systems that have been patched repeatedly.

That’s why healthcare providers are turning to Thrive to tap into the full potential of the Cloud while maintaining compliance and security and reducing costs..

Take your healthcare organization to new heights with Thrive.

  1. Reduced CapEx Spend  When partnering with Thrive, your healthcare organization won’t need to pay upfront costs for expensive infrastructure and hardware. Thrive also helps you eliminate hidden operating costs and reduces downtime to keep your business running.
  2. Efficiency Hybrid Cloud delivers flexibility and can be engineered to meet all HIPAA and HITECH compliance requirements. It reduces overlap in processes and provides a necessary update to legacy infrastructure.
  3. Enhanced Regulatory Compliance Healthcare organizations need to meet reporting and risk assessment requirements, and Thrive’s experts can help your organization be agile without sacrificing safety or compromising compliance. Thrive performs a risk assessment and provides strategic IT consulting services to ensure a fully customizable Cloud migration plan is designed and executed.
  4. Advanced Cybersecurity As healthcare business systems grow in complexity, there is an increased risk of vulnerabilities, exploits and security breaches. Thrive’s comprehensive Cybersecurity solutions protect your business, uncover, and mitigate risks and meet stringent regulatory requirements. Our security-first Cloud approach is flexible and economical, provides specific, actionable information and is backed by a 24x7x365 Security Operations Center.
  5. Disaster Recovery
    Hospitals, health systems, and doctor’s offices cannot afford critical infrastructure failure, security breaches or human error. Data backup and security are essential, as well as a disaster recovery plan (DRP). When networks go down, or cyber-attacks occur, Thrive provides Cloud-based recovery so your healthcare organization can resume IT operations rapidly with minimal or no data loss.

Thrive gives healthcare organizations peace of mind with a comprehensive, proactive security strategy with technology solutions. Read more in our recent industry brief here.


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