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Scareware – Look before You Click

With the increased use of the Internet the FBI has become a very busy national security organization.  This is due to a new digital age of sophisticated criminals that are well versed in computer programming.  They use their skills to extort money from unsuspecting users and in other cases commit identity theft.  One of the primary ways they do this is by creating ‘scareware’

How Scareware Works

If you understand how cyber criminals operate then there is no need to be afraid of scareware.  First, let’s explain what scareware is and how it is used to scare you as the consumer into revealing your personal information.

If you use the Internet then without a doubt you have come across those infamous pop-ups that interrupt your browsing activity.  Although you deploy a pop-up blocker those annoying messages still seem to get around it.  The pop-up message claims that your computer has multiple infections and in order to get rid of the infections you must buy the full version to clean up your PC.

Scareware gets its name as such since it scares the unsuspecting user into revealing their credit card information.  Once you give out your credit card information it is sent to a website controlled by the cyber criminal and you are left burdened with