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Biopharmaceutical Firm Relies on Thrive’s Life Sciences Industry Expertise to Transition to a Secure, Optimized IT Infrastructure – During a Global Pandemic.

Biopharmaceutical Firm Relies on Thrive’s Life Sciences Industry Expertise to Transition to a Secure, Optimized IT Infrastructure – During a Global Pandemic.
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An emerging clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company based in Boston was faced with the challenge that their existing MSP was not able to scale fast enough to meet its growth and technology demands, as well as meet industry regulatory requirements. Thrive was chosen as the new MSP due to Thrive’s expertise in the Life Sciences industry. However, in the midst of the onboarding process, in late February 2020, the company needed to temporarily close its two offices and labs during the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic – and support a 100 percent remote workforce.


The Thrive engineering team immediately pivoted to quickly support the sudden shift to a fully-remote staff. Thrive accelerated the implementation of endpoint threat detection and Managed Microsoft Intune for Mobile Device Management (MDM) to secure all user devices, including laptops, phones and tablets, that may access critical company and patient data. For an added level of security, Thrive’s 24×7 Security Operations Center was introduced with a named, dedicated security engineering for threat monitoring, detection, response and remediation across all networks, systems, applications and devices.

In addition, Thrive reconfigured the existing Office 365 setup to improve optimization and close key gaps left open by the previous MSP. Clinical data operations in Azure were turned over to Thrive for management and secured with the latest Azure-based firewalls and web application firewalls. Lastly, Thrive enabled MFA across all of these newly-launched solutions using Microsoft Azure AD Premium and the authenticator application.


Once all the solutions were in place, a Thrive Technical Account Manager (TAM) led daily calls with key company executives to ensure that all remote users continued to have secure, reliable access to their systems, data and applications. The biopharmaceutical company’s management team utilized Thrive’s client portal, powered by ServiceNow, to have a real-time view of their network anywhere, anytime, as well as have the ability to create, route and close IT support requests. Not only does Thrive’s client portal make it easy to manage the company’s network, it also records all interactions with Thrive and other third parties for auditing purposes that meet the biopharmaceutical company’s industry regulatory requirements.

“Not only did Thrive offer a solution that fully addressed our needs, but they put it in place during an unprecedented time when we found ourselves suddenly shifting to a fully-remote workforce due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Thrive went the extra mile by checking in with us on a daily basis to make sure all of our team members had a secure and reliable connection to our new network. The client portal has also made the process easy for us to manage the day-to-day as well as meet our industry’s regulatory auditing requirements.” ~ CTO, Biopharmaceutical Firm

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