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How Thrive Drives the Success of PE Funds and Their Portfolio Companies

How Thrive Drives the Success of PE Funds and Their Portfolio Companies

Today, private equity firms are looking at unique challenges. In a highly competitive market, with the need to deploy capital quickly, private equity firms work in uncertain market conditions and must deal with the pressure of increased competition and investor expectations.

The success of an investment depends on the ability to move fast, be strategic with growth, and efficient with operations and integration. Thrive assists PE firms at different points of the life cycle, from pre-close IT diligence to ongoing portfolio enablement to exit preparedness.

We are often engaged by private equity and private equity-backed companies to address technology challenges and mitigate risk, so time and energy can be spent on growing businesses and creating shareholder value.

The Unique Nature of the Alternative Investment Community

What makes private equity companies unique is the wide array of industries they invest in. A private equity firm may own a company that must meet certain government or military requirements, or perhaps a company in the medical field that must meet HIPAA compliance objectives.

For many private equity funds, there is an appetite for protecting their LP’s investments in the portfolio companies they acquire. Operational IT diligence should be done on acquired companies, as these are often owner-operated businesses purchased to become part of much larger enterprises. If there are security concerns within a newly acqui