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Enterprise Moves to Macintosh – Ingenious or Exhausting?

As one of Thrive’s primary Macintosh resources, I’m beginning to see an increasing trend in companies moving to Mac.  Maybe it’s the allure of the “Macintosh Experience”, or the life expectancy of the hardware or even – and this is a stretch – that the average utilization time with a Mac running on batteries is close to four hours at full processor potential.

But moving your users to Mac, and maintaining a Windows Server infrastructure, isn’t without its caveats.  Let’s face it, the two are (and always will be) competitors.  Sure, Microsoft makes software to run on the Mac (Office 2010 and Remote Desktop Client are two), but they’re sketchy at best.  Often crashing themselves or not completely synchronizing with Microsoft based email systems.

For example – Outlook-esque products made by