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Distillery – vCISO

Distillery – vCISO

Top-selling U.S. distilled spirit taps Thrive to manage strategic information security and compliance utilizing Thrive’s Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) services.

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The major U.S. distillery was lacking information security expertise and compliance controls. Guarding the privacy of company information, user information, and customer data is a top priority for this company. Failure to architect a security strategy around these objectives can have disastrous consequences on the bottom line and company’s reputation.


The distillery company turned to Thrive to implement a right-sized and easy to manage security framework. The Thrive vCISO team of experts designed, developed, and maintained a customized Information Security program that complemented the company’s business strategy and risk tolerance. Thrive’s vCISO services are scalable and economical, providing information security program development.

At first, the company believed an ISO-27002 would be the solution. However, after reviewing the business objectives, Thrive’s team recommended the Center for Internet Security (CIS) framework as a more appropriate choice for their business and compliance demands. In addition, Thrive focused on providing security protections and resources throughout the company to be secure by default and become security self-sufficient within 12 months.


The integration of Thrive’s vCISO services at the distillery has optimized the business’ day-to-day operations to become more secure, productive, and efficient. The company now has the peace of mind that its network is secure with superior technology that provides real-time threat assessment and monitoring. Thrive’s vCISO team future-proofed the company’s security measures with risk assessments, gap remediations, data classifications, information security program development and monitoring (including resource mentoring), incident response and penetration testing (third-party oversight), and ad hoc requests.

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