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Unified Communications as a Service

Thrive offers on-premises or co-located unified communications (UC) services to help your team securely collaborate from anywhere

Improving Collaboration Through Virtual Teams

Digital transformation has become a watchword for modern organizations as they seek to leverage the power of technology to improve employee engagement, retention, productivity and decision making. UC & Collaboration services make this possible.

‘The new organization’ is one that comprises a series of empowered, collaborative teams; operating within a digital workplace. With the emergence of mobile working and ubiquitous connectivity, work ceased becoming somewhere you go and became something you do.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) matures and post-millennials enter the workplace, the trend towards immersive, collaborative working will become ‘business as usual’ for many.

More than half the workforce is comprised of people that have never known a time without the Internet, the iPhone or social media. They bring with them high expectations of an intuitive, user-centric experience; the ability to communicate in real-time and an “always on” approach that demands both availability and flexibility.

The average employee uses three or more devices for communication every day. They have come to expect a consistent experience across multiple devices and multiple platforms. They also expect to be able to move seamlessly from one device to another; without a loss of fidelity or continuity.

UCaaS from Thrive

Thrive’s collaboration solutions, tailored to our client’s individual needs and scenarios, help create intuitive, agile and highly productive working environments. By focusing on the end-user experience and leveraging innovative, flexible, and enterprise class solutions, our clients keep up with the rapid pace of change in the digital workplace.

When designing a collaboration solution, we always start with the users and how the digital workplace can help them address current challenges or improve productivity. By analyzing and understanding the way your users want to interact with each other, we can design and implement a solution that enables more effective communication.

We believe in building solutions and roadmaps that are outcome-oriented; helping you to meet specific business objectives, deliver new services rapidly and protect your investment in technology. Whether there is an urgent, business-critical issue to address, or a longer-term transformation strategy to support, Thrive can design and implement a solution to meet any timescale; helping to mitigate risk and ensuring great value for money.

If you need help building a business case for change, we will work with you to audit your existing setup, deliver the right services to each team, reduce up-front costs and extend services to meet future needs whilst delivering a rapid and sustainable return on your investment.

Key Benefits of UCaaS

  • Rapidly deploy new collaboration services without the need for additional hardware
  • Protect your investment in legacy equipment with on-premises or co-located services
  • Reduce up-front costs with an OpEx model
  • Improve workforce agility, productivity and decision making
  • Accelerate teamwork with intuitive, user-friendly applications
  • Improve IT security with strong and effective data encryption
  • Greater flexibility with options for cloud and hybrid migration