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Critical Steps to Improving Network Security

Proper enterprise network security is of vital importance to data protection and the ongoing productivity of an organization.  With the increased use of technology that helps enterprises to maintain the competitive edge, most businesses are required to employ IT security personnel full-time to ensure networks are protected from the rapidly growing industry of cyber crime.

IT security professionals are responsible for monitoring the network for security vulnerabilities on a daily basis.  Vulnerabilities are holes in the network that hackers can use to perform exploits.  An exploit can potentially cripple a network and bring down an organization for an indefinite period of time.  To protect a network against unauthorized access you must use one or more of the following methods to provide network security:

  • Penetration Testing: Penetration testing is a form of hacking but in the ethical sense of the word.  This is because it is used by IT security professionals as a tool to test a network for any vulnerabilities.  During penetration testing IT professionals use the same methods that hackers use to exploit a network to identify network security breaches.  This procedure is carried out with proper permission from the comp