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BlueKeep RDP Vulnerabilities

BlueKeep RDP Vulnerabilities

BlueKeep: Another Windows vulnerability

If you’ve been tuned into our channels, you may have noticed our urgent calls for addressing any computers still using older Windows operating systems like Windows XP and Windows 7.

Well, here we go again.

Just recently, Microsoft urged users to update Windows to patch a security vulnerability.

Dubbed BlueKeep, this vulnerability is being compared to the dreaded WannaCry, a ransomware variant that wreaked globe-spanning havoc a few years ago and thrust the word “ransomware” into the collective lexicon.

Older operating systems, especially those that have already experienced end of life, can be especially susceptible.

Remote Desktop continues to be a choice vector of attack for hackers. BlueKeep is yet another Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) vulnerability. As with WannaCry, BlueKeep has worm-like features.

What does this mean? Once it gains a foothold in your systems, it has the potential to spread at terrifying speeds across the network without any user interaction.


Another malware red alert

Microsoft just announced it has issued fixes for two more critical vulnerabilities that are on par with BlueKeep.

Again, these are wormable issues, making the slightest breach a dangerous scenario.

Unlike BlueKeep, these new vulnerabilities are only found in Windows 10. This underscores that fact that all operating systems and software, not just outdated ones, need to be maintained.


Security forevermore

Software end of life, security fixes, and constant vigilance are just facts of life in the modern technological landscape.

“Keeping your software updated is just something that needs to be done,” said Brian Walker. “Cybercriminals are constantly looking for holes in these, so if a vendor like Microsoft issues a security fix, you best pay attention and get things patched up.

“Now, we understand this can be easier said than done, especially in more complex network environments. That’s why we’re here, to make life easier for our clients.”

“With our managed services, we can take care of things like software updates, patching, and security,” explained Aaron Allen. “Our team of IT experts can keep your systems up to date and secure while you focus on your core mission. We’ve been a longtime Microsoft partner and can assist with all things Windows.”

“With Thrive, we can manage all of your IT for one monthly fee,” continued Walker. “This allows you to remain laser-focused on your clients without having to worry about keeping up with the latest ransomware threats, social engineering tactics, and Windows vulnerabilities.

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