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Automating Cybersecurity with SOAR

Automating Cybersecurity with SOAR

New threats often develop before the tools to block them are available, meaning that quick identification and mitigation is absolutely vital. Thrive’s upgraded Security Operations Center (SOC) now includes advanced SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) capabilities, enabling the Thrive team to quickly identify cyberattacks and respond to threats up to 98% faster than manual operations. 

What is SOAR?

A SOAR platform is a collection of security tools and solutions that investigates, collects, and analyzes data from disparate sources to help users and administrators prioritize threats and automate responses. With a constantly evolving cybersecurity landscape, businesses need to be able to react quickly and efficiently when an attack occurs to minimize damage. By leveraging Fortinet’s industry-leading FortiSOAR solution in our daily operations, Thrive is able to help organizations best protect themselves from the ever-changing array of advanced cyberattacks.  


Thrive’s security orchestration brings together a diverse array of security tools that typically would not work together or have the ability to be managed from a single dashboard. By bringing together data from software that covers areas like firewalling, endpoint protection, and vulnerability management, the Thrive SOC can better protect business data and assets from sophisticated multi-pronged attacks. 


While bringing together each tool in a business’s security arsenal is crucial, it is arguably more important to be able to analyze that traditionally siloed data to rapidly make recommendations and automate basic mitigation processes. Tasks that may have previously required human intervention, such as vulnerability scanning or SIEM log analysis, can be automated through standard procedures using a SOAR platform. 


Once a threat is detected and an automated response is executed, continual monitoring must be carried out for reporting and future planning purposes. Post-incident response activities are generated from this consolidated view of the event, ensuring that it is reported correctly and that threat intelligence is shared for future widespread mitigation. 


Streamlined Operations
Automated workflows help to minimize detection and response time when a threat occurs. Each element of SOAR contributes to a streamlined operation – data is orchestrated and aggregated, automated playbooks take care of low-priority alerts and incidents, and incident response provides a more definite plan of action for event handling.

Reduced Impact of Cyberattacks
When detection time and time to action are both minimized, the overall impact on the organization when an event occurs is significantly reduced. The longer it takes to detect and respond to an attack, the more time the attacker has to cause damage to your organization. Real-time monitoring with automatic patching and alerts helps protect your business from all angles.

Easy Integration
Our SOAR can integrate and connect with over 280 existing vendors across network security, endpoint security, cloud security, SIEM, and more. 

Improving Thrive’s SOC

SOAR is just the latest addition to Thrive’s advanced Security Operations Center. SOAR brings together Thrive’s suite of cybersecurity solutions like managed NextGen firewalling, unified threat management, and endpoint security and response to help unify, automate, and help businesses recover from cyberattacks.

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