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A major UK housing association turned to Thrive to create a resilient, agile and secure IT infrastructure.

A major UK housing association turned to Thrive to create a resilient, agile and secure IT infrastructure.
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The organisation’s recent merger presented numerous IT challenges, including legacy equipment and an ageing infrastructure that resulted in service interruption and a poor user experience. Connectivity through multiple vendor contracts made the deployment of new services time-consuming, and low bandwidth was causing latency issues with collaboration tools and business applications. These issues combined with complex legacy applications were difficult to maintain.


Thrive relocated one of the company’s data centres and disaster recovery (DR) architecture from a redundant site to a new head office facility. This relocation optimised the backup and DR infrastructure, resulting in server consolidation and the elimination of legacy storage. Thrive also deployed Cisco Meraki SD-WAN to improve the visibility, manageability and security of the wide-area network (WAN). The upgraded core Cisco Network and Cisco Meraki Wireless across locations improved coverage, resilience and user experience both on-site and remote. This Cloud-managed infrastructure improved the capacity and performance of the WLAN, delivering a highly scalable model that could be easily expanded when required to support growth.


The Cisco Meraki SD-WAN solution combined with the transformation of the core and wireless network resulted in an IT infrastructure that is scalable, agile and secure with the ability to quickly add new users, applications and sites. The new networking infrastructure is more resilient and end-users can readily access the applications and data. SD-WAN has significantly reduced the connectivity costs and the improved infrastructure dropped IT operating costs by 60%.

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