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A major renewable energy company leveraged Thrive to power its IT security enhancements.

A major renewable energy company leveraged Thrive to power its IT security enhancements.
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The renewable energy company owns and operates wind farms in the U.S. It was aggressively developing and acquiring renewable energy assets. The company was looking for IT security solutions that could fortify its operations as well as grow along with the organization.


The company reached out to Thrive for a future-proof security strategy. Thrive’s Chief Information Security Officer created a master plan for bolstering network security. Thrive experts applied its Security Incident and Event Management as a Service (SIEMaaS), a fully managed and hosted IT infrastructure monitoring platform, with access to its fully-staffed, 24x7x365 security operations center (SOC) to monitor for any potential threats. The Thrive team also implemented its Managed Endpoint Security and Response service, providing proactive, real-time, fully automated security with an orchestrated incident response across all devices covering current and legacy operating systems.


Thrive’s proactive security roadmap enabled the company to detect threats, mitigate risk, and fully manage security processes within its IT infrastructure
with complete support from the Thrive team of consultants and technical experts. The solutions delivered by Thrive reduced the strain on the company’s IT team and resources, so they could focus on their core energy business.

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