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A major law firm selected Thrive to advance its IT infrastructure for security and growth

A major law firm selected Thrive to advance its IT infrastructure for security and growth
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The award-winning law firm based in the U.S. Northeast with around 90 employees, mostly litigators and appellate attorneys, had outgrown its existing IT vendor after 13 years of partnership. While ten engineers were onsite to manage and understand the environment’s user needs, they had no advanced expertise or growth strategy and were unable to move the law firm to a future state, such as Cloud and Microsoft 365. The firm needed a more mature, advanced, capable partner to take the next step.


The Thrive team assessed the legal firm’s growth strategy and paired it with a flexible, secure, scalable, and innovative IT roadmap. Thrive is now providing the legal firm with a fully outsourced and managed IT infrastructure, including Managed EBMS Infrastructure (Firewall/Switching) with a strategy for seamlessly and securely migrating its critical business applications to a fully managed ThriveCloud. Thrive also implemented a robust Cybersecurity bundle with Endpoint Security and Response with Managed Backup and a 24×7 Help Desk and Technical Account Support.


Thrive is continuing to onboard and undo a decade-plus of deficient IT operations, highlighting the problems of having a small, inexperienced IT MSP provider. The legal firm was impressed with Thrive’s hands-on approach to streamlining the sales process and general partnership for continued growth and enhanced business operations. Since the switch to Thrive, the firm has eliminated the need for onsite IT staff and now relies on Thrive as its IT department.

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