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What You Should Consider Before Using Cloud Storage

There are many advantages to storing your data in the cloud.  This is the primary reason that cloud storage has increased in popularity during recent years.  Many businesses are realizing the benefits of cloud storage in terms of cost savings, convenience, and accessibility.

Like anything else, when it comes to protecting important data there are things you should consider before choosing a cloud storage solution to avoid any risks your business could incur as a result of data loss.

Data Protection


When it comes to business productivity the quality of data protection that is offered by a cloud storage solutions provider is an important consideration.  Before you choose a provider, review the options that they offer for protecting important business data.

  • Disaster Recovery: What will happen to your business in the event of a catastrophe that causes you to lose important business data?  If you choose a cloud storage provider that offers a bulletproof disaster recovery system this will ensure that your business downtime is almost nil.

A solid cloud storage solution provider should offer you an all-in-one disaster recovery package.  This type of package includes recovery via offsite data storage, backed up server images, and appliance delivery in the event your Internet connection is lost.  All three methods should also include automated backup to multiple locations in the event one method experiences failure.

  • Comprehensive Backup: Depending upon the size of your business, chance are you may rely on applications such as Microsoft Exchange for email services and SQL databases.  When you consider cloud storage the solutions provider should be capable of providing automated backup onsite, fast file restoration, and efficient email and database recovery services.
  • Security: Data breaches can significantly compromise your business and the reputation of your business.  When you consider cloud storage the solutions provider should be concerned about the security of your business data.  Quality cloud storage providers will offer multiple solutions for data security including data vaulting for safeguarding important business information.


  • Business Continuity Assurance: The cloud storage provider that you work with should be able to provide you with solutions which will ensure your business can be up and running quickly in the event of server failure.  A quality provider will offer the capability to restore a server image with one click to your backup server or via server failover.


Technical Support


Give the technical support a test drive before committing to cloud storage.  Some of the cloud storage providers promise the moon however, only the quality services will stand up to that commitment.  This is what sets a quality cloud storage service apart from the mediocre providers.  Try out the tech support by asking a question to see how fast you receive a response and how well your question was answered.

Consider Cost


Although cost should not be the only driving force behind your decision it only makes sense to consider it when you are choosing a cloud storage service.  In most cases, you will find that the cost is significantly less than if you were to employ all of the necessary technology onsite and then hire the staff to maintain it.  That said remember that the cheapest cloud storage solution provider does not always offer the best service when it comes to protecting business data.

Bottom line: If you are seeking to simplify IT management and reduce the cost of implementing and maintaining data infrastructure, contact Thrive Networks today for assistance with designing a bulletproof cloud strategy that caters to the individual needs of your business.