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Top 5 Advantages of Using Hosted Cloud Services

What if you were able to allow your team of IT professionals to focus on core business initiatives instead of maintaining your IT infrastructure while you have access to entire team of IT experts 24/7? This can be made possible with a hosted cloud service.

Hosted cloud services offer many advantages to businesses of all sizes, regardless if you are a small retail business or a large corporation with a complex IT infrastructure. When you work with the right hosted cloud services provider, this can help to alleviate many IT-related headaches while helping your business to reduce costs.

By divesting IT tasks such as server hosting and maintenance, firewall management, mail hosting and application management, and other critical tasks, you can empower your IT team by allowing them to focus on core strategies which help your business to move forward. A hosted cloud services provider acts as an extended IT department which provides additional support and 24/7 management of the hosted infrastructure. This is accomplished while your IT team focuses on mission-critical objectives.

Improved Business Growth with Scalability

The growth of your business can easily be hindered by the lack of access to costly IT infrastructure. When your company grows, so do the requirements for additional infrastructure. A hosted cloud services provider is well equipped with extensive resources which helps you to make a seamless transition to new hardware and software.

When you work with the right hosted cloud service provider, they are always ready around-the-clock to help you with the changes in your business needs. Regardless if the expansion is significant or it is incremental, cloud hosting provides fast deployment which specifically addresses your IT needs now and for the future.

Access to the Latest Technologies

Hosted cloud services providers employ an entire team of IT professionals with expertise in specific areas. This helps the cloud provider to stay up to date with the latest advances in specific industries. They can then pass this advantage on to your business by providing you with easy access to the latest technologies without the expensive of adding costly equipment and employing staff to maintain it.

Additionally, the hardware and software technologies are managed by IT engineers with specific expertise. This ensures that your hosted environment is always up to date with the latest security patches, software updates, and compliance requirements.


Every business has unique industry-specific requirements which must be met and usually under budgetary limitations. For this reason, a one-size-fits-all approach will not suffice. By using a hosted environment, applications can be highly customized and tailored to meet the individual needs of your organization.

When you work with the right hosting provider, they will work with you to identify needs and then provide you with a diverse set of applications which operate in different types of hosting environments. The solutions typically include managed hosting, email hosting, and/or various cloud hosting architectures. If your requirements change rapidly, the environment is designed to meet your needs quickly and economically.

Enhanced Security

Trusting your trade secrets and sensitive business data to another party is a big step for most organizations that have never used hosting services. In fact, many companies delay cloud migration because they are under the impression this type of environment is less secure.

As hosted cloud services have increased in popularity, so have the security measures that hosting providers use to heighten security levels for customer data. It also increases security to protect important business data from both physical and online threats. Since hosted cloud services use the latest technologies, hosting security has significantly improved thanks to an integrated mix of services, managed appliances, and industry best practices.

Cost Efficiency

When you use hosted cloud services, you only pay for what you use as opposed to purchasing excess capacity for future expansion. The hosted environment grows as your business grows which can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in hardware, software, and maintenance. It also helps you to avoid large capital outlays which allow you to convert this expenditure into new business initiatives that contribute to business growth.

These are a few of the top advantages of using a hosted environment. Everything a hosted cloud service provider does is centered on IT hosting to ensure the systems and processes are designed specifically for delivering state-of-the-art hosting services. Plus, the experts which are employed by a hosted cloud services provider are highly trained and capable of supporting any type of hosting environment, regardless if it is simple or complex.

If you considering a business class hosted cloud solution for your company, contact Thrive Networks to speak with one of our experts.