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Tips on Choosing a Strong Password

Passwords are a method of security. Whether you want to protect your computer, network or your social account, password protection is necessary. Installing a password is not as simple as people think. There are millions of hackers having password cracking tools which can crack thousands of passwords within seconds. There are several tips on how to choose a strong password.

First of all, it is advised that you do not use passwords like “abc123” or “12345” or similar common text. These passwords are very common and are still used by many people. Avoid obvious words or dates such as your date of birth or other important dates, or your middle name when choosing your password. It might not be easy for unknown people to crack but the people who know you can easily guess it.

Usually social and email websites require a minimum of 6 to 8 character length password. This length is strong enough if you don’t use words from the English dictionary. For a strong password with an adequate character length it is recommended that you use both letters and numbers in your password. Passwords like ali10ce or ali3ah0 are strong passwords; one cannot guess them easily due to the random use of numbers at random intervals; however they can be cracked using hacking tools.

To make your password even stronger you can use special characters. Characters such as a period, comma or an underscore can give your password the high strength you require. There is no person or software in the world which could crack a password having such characters. Passwords such as l.ronald.o or a.u.di’tt are the strongest types of passwords which can be used. To furthermore improve them one can only increase the length of the password.

One should choose passwords which make no sense to humans or machines. These passwords are a mix of numbers, letters and special characters along with long word lengths. They can be considered the passwords which can provide you maximum safety. Passwords such as ricky.kaka.22 or emad