How to Turn Off “Enable Editing” in Microsoft Office 2010

Are you working in Microsoft Word 2010?  If so, how many times have you tried to jump into a document and start making some changes and nothing happens?  Oh, that’s right….. You forgot to click on that annoying, little, yellow button on the top of the document.  You idiot!

Protected View in Microsoft Office 2010

As annoying as it may be, there are valid reasons for this new security feature in Office 2010, which is an improvement over security features in previous versions of Office.  As explained by the Microsoft Office 2010 Engineering Team

“With any piece of complex software, over time new file parsing exploits against it may be found. The older Office binary file formats had been susceptible to these types of attacks. Over the past years hackers have discovered ways to manipulate Office binary files so that when they are opened and parsed, they cause their own code embedded within the file to run. To address these binary file parsing attacks in Office 2007, several new XML based file formats were introduced.”

If you are generally savvy enough to not open documents from suspicious sources and enjoy an occasional walk on the wild side, well then here is a quick “how-to” on just turning the darn thing off permanently: (more…)

Saving to PDF Format in Microsoft Office

Starting as an add-in with Microsoft Office 2007 and incorporated as out-of-the-box functionality in Office 2010, users have the ability to save files directly to PDF format. This post will provide step-by-step instructions to show you how to utilize this feature.

Microsoft Office 2007 Users

  1. Download the Microsoft Office 2007 ‘Save As PDF’ Add-in and save the file to your hard disk (SaveAsPDFandXPS.exe).
  2. Double-click the saved file (SaveAsPDFandXPS.exe) to launch the installer.
  3. When prompted, check “Click here to accept the Microsoft Software License Terms.” and press “Continue”.
    Microsoft Addin Office 2007 - Accept Agreement (more…)