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Microsoft 365 Platform Services for Education

Best-in-class managed Microsoft 365 Platform collaboration solutions

Solving Challenges and Unlocking Growth Opportunities

Seamless online collaboration is vital to successful hybrid learning environments, and your institution needs the software, hardware, and connectivity solutions to excel. Thrive has helped educational institutions of all sizes adopt Microsoft 365 to empower educators and students, optimize operations, and ultimately transform their institution.


Secure Collaboration Environments

Thrive’s range of cybersecurity services are strategically positioned to keep your Microsoft 365 collaboration environment secure. Cloud engineering experts can design, build and support the collaboration solution that best meets the needs of your institution.

  • Advanced Email Security
  • Anti-Phishing and Security Awareness Training
  • Zero Trust Adherence
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Improve Efficiency Across Classrooms

Thrive’s decades of experience serving the education industry, combined with the utilization of digital collaboration platforms such as Microsoft 365, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, will digitally transform your institution from classroom to classroom. Our best-in-class managed solutions are specifically tailored to deliver improved communications, greater efficiency and better learning for students and faculty alike.

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How Collaboration Helps Students

Whether its taking work out of the classroom or collaborating with peers any time, any place, Microsoft 365 keeps all information and schoolwork in one place. Thrive aims to accommodate a new era of digital learning, helping students reach their full potential.

Thrive works to keep a space where students can remain connected and secure at all times.

Administer IT Services for an Always-Changing Student Population

As students come and go, software systems need to stay the same to ensure fluidity within an institution. Microsoft 365 keeps applications efficient, secure, and available to educators from year to year.

Thrive provides the expertise to set up the Microsoft 365 procurement processes and manage smooth rollouts in each institution, each year.



Microsoft 365 Platform Resources

Support your institution’s need for improved communications, greater efficiency and better decision-making with Thrive’s Microsoft 365 Collaboration solutions.


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Build the Path to More Secure, Efficient Collaboration

Thrive brings its expertise in leading digital collaboration platforms like Microsoft 365, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams to create best-in-class managed solutions customized to meet the needs of educational institutions. Let an expert show you how.

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