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Cloud Optimization For Education

Thrive’s secure, compliant Cloud solutions help educational institutions stay active while their data is protected

Secure Cloud Solutions

Performance, cost, security and regulatory demands drive decisions of where the Cloud fits within your institution. That is why Thrive’s Cloud engineering team is here to design, build, and support the Cloud solution that best meets your needs and the needs of your students.



Best-in-Class Hybrid Cloud

Thrive offers best-in-class Hybrid Cloud solutions backed by a proven track record of promoting digital transformation for institutions promoting secure productivity.

Our broad portfolio of Cloud services can be customized to seamlessly match your operational and budget requirements. Thrive Cloud compliments private and public Cloud instances because we leverage the best in NextGen Cloud orchestration tools so that you have better visibility and control of both costs and workloads across your environment.

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Easy Accessibility and Mobility

Applications accessed through the cloud eliminate the need for static learning. Lesson plans, coursework, and digital textbooks are accessible remotely for both students and educators creating a healthier work environment.

Cost Elimination

As the world turns green, cutting out paper needs in education is important for budget and environmental footprint. With the installation of a cloud-based program to your institutional, there are a lot of everyday necessities that become null.

Access to the cloud can eliminate the following:

  • Costly outdated textbooks
  • Need for expensive hardware
  • Cost associated with paper, while also reducing your carbon footprint

Custom Cloud Engineering

To solve the Cloud needs of educational institutions, Thrive offers best-in-class, secure Hybrid Cloud solutions. Our Cloud engineering team has the ability to design, build, and support the Cloud solution that best meets the needs and regulatory requirements of your institution.

  • 24×7 Monitoring, Management & Support
  • Virtual Server Hosting and Management
  • Hybrid Cloud Integration Capabilities
  • Cloud-based Data Protection


Cybersecurity Resources

Support your institution’s need for long-term flexibility and reliability with managed NextGen IT solutions from Thrive.




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Maximize Cloud Safety and Compliance

Thrive helps educational institutions understand how the Cloud works for them in order to drive full-scale security and compliance. Get started with one of our experts today.

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