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How Cloud Archiving and Storage Helps With Electronic Discovery

There is a new trend that’s threatening companies today.

Worldwide, information compliance regulations are getting stricter and more comprehensive. At the same time, the penalties inflicted on firms that fail to comply with these new regulations are also increasing in severity.

For example, a company might be forced to maintain and protect significant amounts of user data for periods of 7 years or more. Storing and collecting this data is easy, but what happens when this data needs to be recalled for a trial or discovery request?

In many cases, the process of recovering historical archived data can require lots of time, and might require the assistance of expensive electronic discovery experts. Also, the business will face the challenge of proving the integrity of their electronic disclosures in court, to ensure that the data was not altered in any way.

Unscrupulous individuals who know this can file frivolous lawsuits because they’re aware that the cost of settling out of court would be less than the cost of actually complying with the discovery request.

Electronic discovery is an area where cloud storage can be very helpful. If you need to recover specific data — such as historical emails going back many years — a cloud-based email archiving solution can perform fast electronic discovery searches using powerful cloud servers. This makes it incredibly convenient for locating critical historical documents.

Instead of purchasing expensive equipment and hiring specially trained electronic discovery experts, cloud archiving allows business owners to access the resources they need on a pay-as-you-go basis, with minimal cost or inconvenience.

If your company is responsible and legally correct, you should never be bullied or blackmailed into settling a case where you know you’re right. Cloud archiving can provide you with the resources and discovery capabilities you need without any up-front investment.

You can save money on your data archiving while improving your overall information compliance. Protect your reputation with the power of the cloud. To learn more, see the video below.

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