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Benefits of Managed Cloud Service

CloudThe cloud isn’t new. At some point, most companies will make the decision to move to cloud-based services. Moving your environment to the cloud can be a daunting undertaking. The first step in the process is deciding where to place those services. A managed service provider is a very good option to help your business move to the cloud. They can be the go-to solution for a single service or for your entire infrastructure.

Luckily, there are options. From self-service to managed services and everything between. Finding the right fit can be challenging. Whether you have an IT staff or not, managed services are worth a look. There are several benefits to combining cloud services with a managed service provider.

One thing most companies overlook is the cost of running equipment on-site. Moving resources to the cloud eliminates the need to power and cool equipment onsite. No hardware to buy, servers spun up in minutes and extra resources added whenever needed. There is also no need to buy support contracts for hardware or operating system. The service provider manages these contracts and interacts with vendors on your behalf.

There are also reduced risks and enhanced security when moving to the cloud. Many MSPs have trained security experts on staff. Vulnerabilities and other issues are patched quickly. There is also less risk of an outage as redundant systems are often utilized. There is generally no single point of failure in a cloud environment. These combined provide a business with high uptime and less risk of a data breach.

While the resources are no longer on-site there is no less control. A web interface provides the ability to power systems on and off. Your existing staff retains administrative rights to systems. This combined the expertise of your existing staff with those of the MSP. That along with all the benefits of a cloud solution create a strong team to keep your business running. Learn more about ThriveCloud and how Thrive can help your business with a customized cloud solution that fits your needs.