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What is White Label Online Backup?

The Startup Success Podcast chose to interview Thrive’s EVP & GM, Canada Steven Rodin, discussing many topics relating to success factors for those in the ISV and VAR space.

Although Thrive is well-known for its broad spectrum of business solutions, ranging from server backup to high availability and archiving systems, we’re also well-known for our White Label Online Backup program which is used by major ISVs, VARs, retailers, and telecom providers around the world.

So what does “White Label” Online Backup mean?

Quite simply, it refers to the ability to take Thrive’s CDP online backup services, and completely re-brand them around your own company’s brand.

With Thrive CDP, the online backup software is completely rebranded, and so is the end-user online user portal. Thrive’s white label program is unique in the sense that it offers the most advanced, in-demand features, and a high level of customization in terms of how your online backup solution will function. This is important, because your customer base might prioritize certain functionality over others, and customization this helps provide a better overall user experience.

This way, you can quickly launch your online backup service without development costs. You go to market more quickly and keep your business risk to an absolute minimum.

Thrive also provides extensive support when it comes to e-commerce integration so that you can provide automated selling through your website. An easier sales process, optimized around your existing business practices, can dramatically help improve conversion rates.

EDIT: Since this interview was first recorded in 2010, Thrive’s White Label program has been extended to offer several additional services, including online backup, file sharing & collaboration, file synchronization, mobile device protection, cloud drives, and more.

If you’re looking to provide a truly comprehensive suite of online storage solutions as a white-label reseller offering, this is the best way to deliver value to your customers.

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