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Understanding WAN Acceleration and How It Can Benefit Your Business ROI

WAN acceleration can provide immediate benefits and return on investment which is clearly noticeable across your business. There are numerous benefits to be realized when you control the traffic to remote locations.

WAN Accelerators are a technology which provides a broad range of protocols and applications which are used to optimize a Wide Area Network (WAN). The technologies can include but are not limited to optimization of certain protocols, low level and bit level compression, and a variety of techniques which are used to improve the user experience over a WAN.

If you are uncertain about Wide Area Network (WAN) Acceleration and what it can do for your business, let’s take a look at what WAN Accelerators are, how they work, and the different ways that WAN Accelerators can benefit your business and improve ROI.

WAN Acceleration Defined

WAN Accelerators are a category of techniques and technologies which are used to optimize the flow of data across a Wide Area Network. The primary goal of using WAN accelerators is to increase productivity by speeding up the process of accessing mission critical applications and business data.

WAN Accelerators are designed to make file transfer speeds faster while optimizing the performance of business applications for remote office locations. This can be a big plus if a high percentage of your workers are located at branch offices.

WAN Acceleration is referred to using a variety of different terms. The most popular terms are WAN Acceleration and WAN Optimization. You may also come across other terms which define WAN Acceleration such as Bandwidth Acceleration, Wide Area N