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Thrive’s ServiceNow-Powered Platform Transforms IT Service Management

Thrive’s ServiceNow-Powered Platform Transforms IT Service Management

Over the past few years, we’ve worked hard to improve how we deliver managed IT services to clients. With the Thrive Platform, powered by ServiceNow, we eliminate many of the IT challenges organizations face on a daily basis.

The platform removes manual error from the equation, allowing tasks to be handled more efficiently, improving the day-to-day productivity of the IT team and saving valuable time. By building on the enterprise-class power of ServiceNow, the Thrive Platform gives clients better access to service and more accurate environment insights, while also transforming how IT is consumed through self-service.

The Power of Self-Service IT

When it comes to self-service, our goal is to streamline the process for employees and organizations. Whether utilizing a managed services provider or an IT help desk, employees may have to place a call or send an email to solve even the simplest of issues, such as changing a password. Gartner Group estimates at least 20% of help desk calls revolve around password resets. With the Thrive Platform, that once-tedious task is simplified by providing an employee a portal log-in, where a password reset takes just seconds.

Organizations can benefit from Thrive in a variety of ways. One example is in the legal profession. I’ve talked to a number of CIOs in the legal world, and it’s clear the top issue they face is maximizing billable hours. Attorneys need to be spending time on what they do best, not waiting for new passwords or finding time to handle application updates on their own time. And that’s just one quick example. There are so many organizations that can benefit from having a platform that:

  • Automates IT tasks
  • Enables self-service for employees
  • Delivers a 360-degree view of an organization’s technology
IT Service Management Drives Efficiency Gains

The Thrive Platform provides a number of benefits to users in SMB, mid-market, and enterprise organizations.

The platform automates the user creation process, so new hires enjoy a streamlined onboarding process that puts them in control. The outdated method of emails, spreadsheets, and manual entry leaves new hires waiting around for access to key applications and programs. The Thrive Platform brings them up to speed almost instantly.

Even when the onboarding process has come and gone, end users have access to helpful knowledge articles, too. These guides allow users to solve their own issues without contacting IT.

The IT team benefits, too, as the platform offers dashboards with reporting information, including service desk metrics and the ability to sort tasks by order of importance. Instead of manual calculations and outdated user issue reports, IT sees the latest trends and knows where to direct resources.

Want to Learn More?

The Thrive Platform offers several advantages, from increased end user productivity to faster support resolution to less IT time spent on tasks.

If you’re interested in learning more about our easy-to-use portal, get in touch with us to schedule a demo today. It’s the best way to experience the Thrive Platform for yourself!