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Thrive Spotlight: Ryan Goodwin, Architect, Public Cloud Services

Thrive Spotlight: Ryan Goodwin, Architect, Public Cloud Services

Welcome back to another installment of our “Thrive Spotlight” blog series.

Our featured employee is Ryan Goodwin, an Architect of Public Cloud Services, who focuses on defining and standardizing Thrive product offerings in Microsoft Azure. His role encompasses the product’s operational and technical aspects and manages the “Thrive Way” of operating the public Cloud space.

Ryan calls New York City home and enjoys spending time with family. His two children, a 3-year-old girl and an 11-month-old boy, keep him hopping. He also enjoys hitting the slopes and playing basketball when he has free time.

Hi Ryan! Can you tell us about your background and how you came to Thrive?

I started working for Precision IT when I got out of college. My primary responsibility then was to sort through client hardware orders and ensure they made it to the customer. I worked my way through the ranks, from helpdesk to field engineer and lead senior systems admin. At the time of our acquisition by Thrive, I was the CTO, focusing on our product development, technical standards and private Cloud.

Where did you go to school or get training?

I graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Science in Information Management and Technology. As I’ve been working, I’ve picked up several industry certifications. Plus, I’m a big fan of reading and always up for learning something new – my training is a never-ending story!

What do you most enjoy about working for Thrive?

One notable aspect is the significant professional growth opportunities that Thrive offers, which might be more limited in smaller organizations. Contributing to pivotal initiatives such as the design, development, and implementation of ServiceNow and leading projects related to new acquisitions underscores the diverse and impactful responsibilities I embrace in my role.

Are there any recent exciting projects at Thrive you can tell us about?

In the early stages of my current role, I successfully implemented Azure Lighthouse. This strategic deployment allows Thrive to monitor all Azure customers efficiently through a unified interface. The primary objective was to optimize operational and technical processes, promoting heightened efficiency. The experience of developing a solution that facilitates streamlined operations for our teams.


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