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Thrive Spotlight: Mark Lopshire – Strategic Account Executive, Private Equity Group

Thrive Spotlight: Mark Lopshire – Strategic Account Executive, Private Equity Group

Welcome back to another installment of our “Thrive Spotlight” blog series.

Our featured employee is Mark Lopshire, Strategic Account Executive, Private Equity Group.  In his position he manages a diverse portfolio comprising high-growth mid-sized, and emerging companies.  He works closely with these organizations leveraging his expertise to implement strategic measures that bolster their security framework and provide tailored solutions aligned with their unique business objectives.

Mark lives in Derry, New Hampshire and likes to spend as much time with his family as he can.

Hi Mark!  Can you tell us about your background and how you came to Thrive?

I have been in the technology industry for over 27 years and have been working for Thrive the past 17 years.  Previously, I have worked as a systems engineer, sales engineer, solutions architect, engineering director, consultant, vCIO, and have had several sales and account management roles.

Where did you go to school or get training?

I started school at Eastern Nazarene College on a pharmacy track through a partnership with Massachusetts College of Pharmacy.  In my second year, I discovered my passion for technology and decided to redirect my career path.  I enrolled in the Boston University’s Corporate Education program and obtained my MCSE certification.  Throughout my years within the industry, I have worked on various certifications to enhance my expertise and align with the evolving demands of the tech industry.

What do you most enjoy about working for Thrive?

Every day at Thrive is filled with excitement and growth as we continually evolve. I consider myself fortunate to work alongside individuals who share a strong work ethic and a deep commitment to putting our clients first.  Thrive encourages us to challenge the status quo and strive for continuous improvements in and processes and services.  It is a dynamic environment that fosters innovation and empowers employees to deliver the best possible results for our clients.

Are there any recent exciting projects at Thrive you can tell us about?

My clients consist of private equity-held companies that are in a phase of rapid growth. Our primary focus is on facilitating their continuous expansion by assisting with strategic acquisitions and ensuring seamless integration into platform organizations. Our approach emphasizes minimizing disruption while prioritizing the highest levels of security throughout the process.


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