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Thrive Empowers Exo to Scale Securely in the Utilities Vertical

Thrive Empowers Exo to Scale Securely in the Utilities Vertical
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Exo, a private equity-backed organization that provides inspection, remediation, and engineering services to ensure the reliability and resiliency of critical infrastructure for utilities and over half of the top ten U.S. retailers. This case study outlines how Thrive, a trusted technology partner, assisted Exo in enhancing its cybersecurity resilience and optimizing its IT infrastructure to support future expansion.

The Challenge

Exo needed to bolster its cybersecurity defenses amidst rapid growth. The organization aimed to streamline IT operations to allocate resources strategically while ensuring robust security measures. Exo was deciding between backfilling an in-house IT position or using a third-party partner capable of supporting its cybersecurity and IT management needs.

Why Thrive Was Chosen

Exo selected Thrive for its proven track record in supporting PE-backed ventures and its forward-thinking approach to cybersecurity. Thrive’s extensive experience and innovative solutions perfectly aligned with Exo’s diverse IT requirements, spanning various ecosystems including Microsoft 365, AWS cloud servers, and critical network infrastructure. What genuinely set Thrive apart was its unique ability to consolidate management of hardware, software, and cybersecurity services under one umbrella. This comprehensive approach not only streamlined Exo’s operations but also provided unparalleled protection, offering Exo the peace of mind needed to focus on its core business objectives while ensuring robust cybersecurity measures are in place.

“Thrive allows us to concentrate on our core business objectives without being bogged down by the less critical tasks that can often divert our attention. In essence, Thrive’s support allows us to focus on what truly matters, making them an invaluable asset to our organization,” said John Ross, CIO at Exo.

Strategic Deployment of Advanced Security Measures

Thrive prioritized security and scalability by deploying advanced endpoint security, robust backup and disaster recovery services, and innovative cybersecurity solutions for Exo This proactive approach minimized cybersecurity risks and downtime, ensuring uninterrupted operations. Implementing an Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) program bolstered endpoint protection while ensuring reliable and scalable VPN capability. Cybersecurity training empowered Exo’s team to recognize and mitigate threats effectively. Thrive’s comprehensive approach and vigilant monitoring through its SOC and NOC allow Exo to focus on core objectives with peace of mind. These features were swiftly integrated, providing immediate benefits.

Thrive’s Impact

Thrive’s partnership kick-started Exo’s projects with remarkable efficiency and expertise. What would have taken Exo a year to achieve, Thrive accomplished in almost 60 days, a testament to their commitment and capability to deliver results with precision and speed. Partnering with Thrive elevated Exo’s capabilities, instilling confidence in meeting customer demands through round-the-clock monitoring and cutting-edge tools. Thrive’s infrastructure and cybersecurity support freed up resources, allowing Exo to focus on value addition. “Thrive enabled us to focus on adding value through analytics and automation by providing infrastructure and cybersecurity support without needing a full-time team. It’s the best of both worlds,” said John Ross, CIO at Exo. Overall, Thrive’s partnership significantly impacted Exo’s operations, providing invaluable peace of mind as it navigates its growth journey.

“Thrive functions as our MSP and offers robust cybersecurity services under one umbrella. This integrated approach provides peace of mind, knowing that our hardware, software, and cybersecurity are all expertly managed and protected by a single trusted partner. Thrive’s ability to fulfill all our requirements within one solution made them the clear choice for us.” ~ John Ross, CIO, Exo


About Thrive

Thrive delivers global technology outsourcing for cybersecurity, Cloud, networking, and other complex IT requirements. Thrive’s NextGen platform enables customers to increase business efficiencies through standardization, scalability, and automation, delivering oversized technology returns on investment (ROI). They accomplish this with advisory services, vCISO, vCIO, consulting, project implementation, solution architects, and a best-in-class subscription-based technology platform. Thrive delivers exceptional high-touch service through its POD approach of subject matter experts and global 24x7x365 SOC, NOC, and centralized services teams. Learn more at or follow us on LinkedIn.